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I've begun using "aaapptabs." I switched because aapptabs is restartless. Coming back here, I find that this is supposedly stolen from someone. On top of that, it really REALLY bugs me when people have spelling errors describing their product (NOTE: this has benn tested on... *been*), and even more so that their homepage is a dead link. The description obviously hasn't been updated since before Firefox 4's release.
I just verified it for myself. This was released on deviant art on I checked it for myself. The add-on on deviant art is submitted November 6, 2010. This was released on here February 2011. The difference between AppTab Nav-B-Gone and AppTabDoohickey is that AppTab Nav-B-Gone contains a .js file with all the functions in the .xul of AppTabDoohickey.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.9.1-signed.1-signed). 

to all you critics, this was originally on deviantart, dont remember were it was a LONG time ago, but me and another developer changed alot of the stuff so stop bit*** and us it or not. FYI check aaaptabs coding he just took it from me and made alot of changes like i did with the one from DA tyvm. and woooh watch out i ask for 50 whole cents damn thats just too much cause its not like a didnt do any coding or anything here. and my bad for not updating the install file, yeah my site is down ATM dont have time to manage a website cause i have a life and dont browse through firefox addons criticizing ppls addons.

just tired of you haters and wanted to clearify some things