4 reviews for this add-on
  • Wouldn't copy and append from a text box on the web page. Reason for 1 star is that it is still in the context menu after uninstalling and restarting Firefox.

  • Super useful addon, If we're eventually able to append links without having to highlight them, I will give it 5 stars.
    Great work!

  • It works fine, except that you cannot clear the memory ever that i can work out. Perhaps by removing and reinstalling. [after reply] Thanks a lot, i will use it now! Do not thank me, it is me who must thank you!

    Developer response

    I've gone ahead and added a "Clear clipboard" feature. In the future, add-ons are supposed to be reviewed based purely on how they are advertised, so if you want a new feature, just ask for it. Thanks for the idea!

  • Works fine however I would like to see more options such as allowing the user to specify each copied item to begin on a new line thus allowing a list to be created if need be.

    Developer response

    I've added two optional menu items which can add one or two line breaks between appends.