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  • Does not work with FF29.
  • Works just like advertised.
  • I really love this app!
  • great add on but one problem!!!!! i cant find the app button does this only work on MAC. please help!!!
  • App sencilla que cumple con su objetivo perfectamente. Me gustan las herramientas simples que no tienen complicaciones.
  • Very helpful! :D
  • Just what I was looking for. Works great with Movable Firefox Button by Merci chao. Install this first (or disable Movable Firefox Button), change the color to your liking, install or enable Movable Firefox Button, reboot, customize, move thinner "button" to where ever you want it.
  • This is great, to match the button to my theme is very welcome. Especially when the theme picks a color I do not like, or if it has no change from the default color at all. Great job!

    I do have one recommendation however, if this is at all possible it would benefit many of us: can you shrink the button? Take the the 'Rein 5.3.1 Theme' for instance... can this be done? If so, please implement, the smaller button is far better than the wide default of Mozilla.
  • Exelent !!!
  • Should be integrated into firefox, finally I can differentiate between casual and developer installations.
  • Does exactly what I expected and means I can sit there Private Brwsing without everyone wondering why I am private browsing! :-)
  • Now the firefox button looks better. Using Firefox Nightly 19.
  • Fácil e rápido, além de compatível com o novo Firefox 15.
  • Very simple to use and yet, it is compatible with "Movable Firefox Button v1.4" - you don't have to disable the latter. Only do a mousey right-click on the Firefox-button and you'll see the color palette under the Firefox-button-menu. Push the Esc-button and the palette remains. Now choose your color (my beta-Fox-button is beta-blue).
    And I fully agree with the review of "Linkz57": "...would like more options with this addon like removing the gradient and outline, or choosing a second color for Private Browsing Mode..." and a "RGB slider" for more colors would be nice.

    Additional hint: After each re- or newstart of your Fox disable once the (restartless) "App Button Color" and then re-enable it, if you wants to call the color palette without the need of disabling the (restart-needing) "Movable Firefox Button".
  • TL;DR: Great, simple, useful. Install it.


    Exactly what I was looking for, and the no-restart install is a strange and wonderful thing that I hope to see more of in other addons.


    I how much RAM this thing takes up, but it does have to be enabled forever if you want the color to stay. Even with all of the recent updates, Firefox is still a heavy load, and more addons don't help that.

    There's also only 70 colors to choose from. I found the exact color I was looking for, and maybe a million colors would be excessive, but I wouldn't mind an RGB slider.

    When switching to Private Browsing Mode, the button would normally switch from orange to purple to add an obvious visual cue to an important change in what information was now being saved to your computer. With this addon (as of version 1.0) the button stays the same color you chose, with only the thin outline of the button switching to purple

    The outline and gradient are mostly unwelcome. For most themes, the gradient on your chosen color looks fantastic, but some people like a bleak, monochrome look and while this would help immensely towards that, it still wouldn't be perfect. The outline is a mixed bag of pro and con. while in normal mode, there's a faint orange-red outline to whatever color you choose. Depending on your choice, you might not notice it at all. When in Private Browsing Mode, the outline is replaced with a faint dark-purple outline.

    Lastly, I would like more options with this addon like removing the gradient and outline, or choosing a second color for Private Browsing Mode. Adding more options might take away from its "no restart" install, and will likely take away from its simplicity and ease of use.
  • I really like this add-on!
    + Downloaded & installed in seconds
    + Very easy to use

  • Does exactly what it says, just right click the FF Button. Only problem is that it doesn't properly brighten the button when your mouse hovers over it. It reveals some of the orange on the outsides instead.
  • Nice addon! Now can change Firefox color to match the persona color. Thank You! This addon doesn't work with Movable Firefox button v1.4. A workaround is to first disable Movable Firefox button and then change the color of Firefox button using this addon. Then enable Movable Firefox button and you will a get a new color.
  • A brilliant addon that works as advertised.

    Yet another addon that I feel should be a standard built-in feature of firefox.

    I always despised that I could not change the button's color to match the rest of my browser's color scheme.

    My only wish for improvement would be complete control over the colors to choose from rather than a predetermined set of colors.
  • Would prefer the extended color picker (with the "infinite" color palette), but this is good (since there's always 'about:config'). :D
  • Works perfectly; simple to add, simple to use, no glitches, works for FF9 and it keeps the old colour at the bottom, in case you feel like switching back.
  • works as described. great addon! working fine for FF9 too
  • Thank you SO MUCH. It seems like such a minor annoyance but being able to make the button match my current theme just brightens my day. I agree it would be nice if you could enter more colors but so far there are enough colors for me.
  • I like this addon so much I think it should be in the vanilla version. I hope you release a Linux version. I wish I could manually select colors via 6 digit hex values.
  • GJ