Busted in FF3b4 update: Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Don't know why but it refuses to save in Firefox3 Beta4.. Too bad, I am really looking forward to using this. Been waiting 14 years for animations that support more then one single useless single bit of transparently. Easy to use but it will not save. Can't give it a 10, I can't get it working.

Ok found a copy of FF3B3 got it working. Works great. Could use a few things though. Drag and drop, Rearrange frames. Save individual frames for quick touch ups.

A way to import finished files.. There is no way to edit these files once they're created. You got to do it all over again if there is a error.

Build in the chopper Java script. ( BTW if you are not viewing the animation when you run this script the extension will hang.) Forever. it don't check to see if it is running first before it tries updating it.

There seems to be a problem making bigger animations in that the animation explodes in size beyond the original file sizes even when the chopper is applied. If this file format is ever going to take off we need the smallest files possible. The compressor needs to be set to max or some way where we can pick it's setting. 500k of files should not create a animation that is close to one meg even when it's been chopped. There is a problem here. It should end up smaller than the original files considering 80% of the bits have been removed by the chopper. Other than that it's easy to use. A few tweaks and I'll change my vote to 10.

I noticed one more show stopper. Since you can't export frames after they have been chopped resizing images smaller so hopefully the finished animation is smaller actually has the opposite effect cause after you resize the images the colors no longer are perfectly matched from one frame to the next.
So the chopper program does very little. IE and animation I had that was 120 X 120 chopped was smaller than a resized 80 X 80 one that was also chopped. The smaller one ended up being 125K bigger than the 120 X 120 size. We need a way to resize the animations right inside APNG edit after they have been chopped. Hopefully the Lanczos method. If we don't make the files as small as possible this idea will fail.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3).