6 reviews for this add-on
  • Horrible it is so slow, and why can't I just bookmark it, Oh And It Changed My New Tab To Aol.com.

  • doesn't work?

  • I can't use the One-Click at all thanks to a FireFox update.

  • This is basically a bookmark. I can do the same thing by just adding the page to my toolbar.

  • If the icon was able to be moved around the various toolbars, rather than stuck in the top right corner.

  • A word about the AOL email program. I am always in awe at the sheer numbers of folk that are Outlook email fans, as I find it stifling and clumsy at best. Granted it may "appear" to have more advanced features than AOL...they are difficult to use and bog me down.

    Like most of you, I have many day to day responsibilities both professionally and socially so my web experience needs to be both highly productive and fun at the same time. Receiving upward of 500+ emails per day, I can't afford to be caught in a continual learning curve. Thanks AOL for keeping it easy, productive and saving all the mail. To date I have over 130,000 emails still saved and counting with no problems!