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On 2/24/12 QueMark wrote: firefoxforum.com is "not there" so you'll have to go to this link for v.0.3.8c
Please contact flyerfox (if he's not reading this already) and tell him he can start posting there.

I can't get this link to work with FF 9.0.1. When I try to install it, it just says that AC is not compatible for 9.0.1. I just downgraded to FF 8.0.1 and re-installed the above version of AC. Works like a charm.

This add-on is wonderful, especially for folks who have light sensitivity and prefer a darker background color w/lighter lettering. Why FF doesn't support this or have another add-on that allows you to change drop down menu colors is beyond me. Cripes, why doesn't Windows have this option?