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  • {Post seem to have disappeared,posting again}
    I checked and modified v0.3.9 does work in Firefox Developer 51.0 Alpha 2

    But to make it work your will have to go to about:config & look for "xpinstall.signatures.required" (no quotes) & Double-click on the preference name so that its value is set to false. Now you can install unsigned extensions in Firefox. A browser restart is not needed. After that you can download manbat's modified ver. (found below).

    Note: After you download it, you'll have to locate it on your pc, click and drag it over to firefox & drop it inside the browser so that it will install.

    Don't forget to spread the word.

    For more info/commenting try: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/firefox-add-on-anycolor or http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2438261

    If you can't click on links, just copy & paste in the address-bar.

    "Classic Theme Restorer" AddOn helps it work best.

    Direct link to manbat's modified V0.3.9: https://groups.google.com/group/firefox-add-on-anycolor/attach/d87daf654b4c0849/anycolor-0.3.9-fx-win.xpi?part=0.1&view=1
  • Firefox Unbranded Builds
    Link: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Add-ons/Extension_Signing#Unbranded_Builds

    I am using Anycolor modified v0.3.9 with "Unbranded" 48.02...works fine with Q Mark's instructions below (August 19, 2016).
    Also Waterfox 48.01 and Dev 50.0, it has now completely stopped working with Firefox Release 48 and above and Betas.
  • when it will be apple to donwload for v 22.0?
  • Awesome Thank you thank you..
    Works in Firefox 20.0.1
    Follow links below
  • There can be only one AnyColor... and colorlicious ain't it!! AnyColor 0.3.9 working with Firefox 4 to 19 currently.Go to the homepage.
  • I want to AnyColor firefox 12 All is white already to I can not watch it. I want to change the text color and background
  • Someone really needs to update this add-on. it's by far the best add-on I've found for changing the color for just about everything. even the bookmarks side tab. which i can't stand being white. ugh.

    my current version is 12.0.
  • what firefox version is this compatible with
    I have firefox 11 and i downgraded to 8.0.1 and it says its not compatible.
  • On 2/24/12 QueMark wrote: firefoxforum.com is "not there" so you'll have to go to this link for v.0.3.8c
    Please contact flyerfox (if he's not reading this already) and tell him he can start posting there.

    I can't get this link to work with FF 9.0.1. When I try to install it, it just says that AC is not compatible for 9.0.1. I just downgraded to FF 8.0.1 and re-installed the above version of AC. Works like a charm.

    This add-on is wonderful, especially for folks who have light sensitivity and prefer a darker background color w/lighter lettering. Why FF doesn't support this or have another add-on that allows you to change drop down menu colors is beyond me. Cripes, why doesn't Windows have this option?
  • Version 0.3.8c doesn't seem to work for FF9. Anyone have a work around?
  • Disappointing this has been discontinued since FF4 deleted the Menu Bar and the migration of buttons to the Title Bar there is no room or need for Personas anymore making this addon more relevant than ever. Hope someone with some skills can take over. Peace
  • I loved this add-on. :( What happened to it? Is there any other add-on that's similar to this for 4.0?
  • Hm good Addon,but can some set to this stop autoload start page of this addon on all starts firerfox ? Looks to no new updates for this addon. In used pesona tabs will no get color of persona he stay white or black /if be used dark theme/. He work on Mozila 4,just need to install next 1 extension .... addon compatibility reporter,or any else,this have some bugs,but work ....
  • In combination with Personas or Themes, the following is useful to change the color of your bookmarks sidebar and bookmarks
    Edite your userChrome.css by adding

    @namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul");
    /* only needed once */ #bookmarks-view treechildren
    {background-color:rgb(222,218,210) !important}

    The 222,218,210 is something you can change depending upon what color you want as a background to your bookmarks.

    See, www.tayloredmktg.com/rgb which has a chart of different colors with their three numbers (rgb code).
  • This module is very great !
    But after read this, I lost my hopes for a possible update for Firefox v4.0 :(

    "Version 0.3.3 August 20, 2010 1.1 MB
    * Fixed a security issue.
    Please note that AnyColor has been discontinued."
  • Amazing addon that I miss every single time I open up my Firefox 4. The crude "hack" to get it working sort of worked, but many elements weren't the right color. It looked like patchwork garbage compared to the seamless amazingness it once was. Your mileage may vary.

    Agree about personas; virtually useless for dark theme lovers. All dark themes available feel bloated and have a really obnoxious sort of 16 year-old friendly winamp thing going. That is the bottom line reason Anycolor was so great: it was simple and made the ultimate dark minimalist "themes" possible.

    Not gonna hold my breath waiting on an update to this, but it REALLY is a shame that it's gone for good.
  • I have very bad eyesight due to the "death" of the retina in one eye, while the other was saved after six surgeries, etc. This software is absolutely wonderful in that it allows me to set up the colors and text so they do not strain my eyes, give me headaches and just generally cause me great difficulty. I can get by without FF upgrade to ver. 4 etc., but I cannot go without AnyColor. There must be some way to either have the author work on this to bring it up to ver. 4, or to release the source so we can fix it, or whatever. Perhaps if a donation was solicited, to make it worth the programmers time and effort, etc. Isn't there any way to keep this software up to FF version levels? I have looked to find something like this for so long..... PLEASE, help me be able to program and develop other software and hardware products by maintaining anycolor, or releasing the source for others to do so, OK? Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.

    Larry Holmes, LightSpeed Technologies
  • @John El The FF4 fix seemed to work well last night when I tried it, but then today, I started having the same problem you did. I tried another fix, having to do with the Firefox profile, but it didn't work either, so I won't even go there.

    Unless someone else figures out a fix, I guess the days of AnyColor are gone. This was such a great app; I wish Pavlost hadn't discontinued it. Anyone know of any other app that's similar?
  • Thanks for the Fix, but why everytime i open a new page the tab of the first run of anycolor automatic popup?
  • When i was with Firefox 3.6 just 2 days ago, i had a perfect customed theme. And no personnas would ever match it since Anycolor can bend almost anything in the design of the browser.
    Now, i have my firefox 4.0 and i have no hesitation : i prefered my theme back then.
    But i still want to believe that someday, the author or someone else will continue the job. Or so I hope.
  • Aw come on! Where is the FF4 version?? Love my Anycolor! :)
  • Firefox 4?
  • This is one of those add-ons that many many people will badly miss if it's not updated to work with Firefox 4. I understand you no longer have a desire to further develop this extension but having this work with the next major iteration of Mozilla browser would mean so much to so many. AnyColor really is a first class add-on with no equivalent. Sorry Personas, but your playing second fiddle.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Any Color is by far superior to that interloping pest, "Personas" I love being able to switch between several of my own created themes without upload them to some 3rd party site. I can switch between my saved themes easily. It makes it easy to keep my browser in sync with my mood.

    Keep up the good work!