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  • The infinite scrolling is stopped, which is a plus. But instead there's now sudden and without warning loading of the next page, which is almost as bad, if for different reasons. Let me finish reading the page, dagnabit!

  • Doesn't seem to work anymore.

  • Still loads tumblr infinitely

  • Thank you for the update. But please disable it on the Tumbler Homepage like as before. Thank you!

  • Дуже помічна штук.
    Very useful add-on

  • Every tumblr I've tried it on still does the annoying infinite scroll thing, which lags the heck out of my computer as the page renders.

  • Does what it says, but needs option to replace auto loading of the next page with next/previous buttons

  • It works so well I forgot that wasn't how Tumblr was by default, until I had to re-install my OS and Firefox! I personally have a lot of trouble with infinite scrolling because I already use so many add-ons to make pages more readable in general (ex. "Darker Background Lighter Font"), which can make the pages lag or even break upon loading the next page in infinite scrollng. Then there's also the fact that on infinite scrolling, if your internet crashes you'll have a hard time finding the exact same place again. Anyway, thanks for this!

  • The main reason that infinite scroll sucks is that the page reloads every time you reach the bottom of it. This extension doesn't fix that. It still loads the next page automatically when you get to the bottom, it just replaces the current page instead of appending it.

    Completely eliminating this automatic garbage and putting a "next page" link at the bottom would be much better.

  • i have many stress with tumblr's infinite scrolling..
    this is very good addon. thank you.

  • Would nice if you add facebook and twitter to it

    best regard

  • Very useful! Tumblr "infinite scroll" pseudo-feature is extremely annoying because it garbages up your memory, crashes the browser and does not let you return to where you left off if you accidentally left-click a link instead of middle/right click. But the way this add-on automatically loads the next page when you scroll just a tad bit past the last post on the page is somewhat annoying as well as it is hard to view the last post. Will give it 5 stars as soon as the author fixes this issue.

  • While it's good in that it does what it name purports it does, that is, it prevents the infinite scroll, it would be nice to see an option to not automatically pop over to the next page, as well as some sort of manual way to go to the previous and next pages, particularly when dealing with pages that aren't long enough to even activate the scroll bar.

  • That addon does exactly what it is supposed to do. No scrolling anymore (and therefore no crashing browser because of hundreds of loaded gifs).

    But the addon redirects you to the next page if you reach the very end of the currend one. That makes it kind of difficult read the last posts on a page.

    However, you can solve this problem easily!
    The following two lines in a Greasemonky script will add a buffer beneath the last post on the page:
    var content = document.getElementById('content');
    content.style.paddingBottom = '50%';

    That makes this Addon very useful!

  • the way you're kicked to a new page as soon as you reach the bottom is almost as frustrating as infinite scrolling itself.
    On some pages you have to scroll down very carefully if you want to see the last posts or pictures.
    A button that lets you decide when you want to move the next page would be more than welcome. Or at least, some sort of buffer at the bottom of each page so that you don't immediately jump to the next one just by seeing the last items.

  • It is quite helpful when it works (which seems to be most of the time). But once in a while i stumble on a blog that glitches it. Sometimes i can't read the post on the bottom of the page, and sometimes it randomly skips one page (a few times it looked like it kicked in before the page finished loading thinking i was already at the bottom).

    Edit: Hm, looks like i can't have more than one review showing; so to not risk having my previous feedback go unoticed, here is what i wrote in my previous review:

    Works well for browsing forward; but on some sites if you try to go back to the previous page it will start loading the next page again as soon as it loads.

    Also, it would be nice to have the option of disabling the automatic loading and manually loading pages.

    And it should load the previous page when you try to scroll past the top of a page; from an user's point of view it doesn't make sense it doesn't do that.

    Btw, any chance of making it work on any site with infinite scroll, instead of just on Tumblr?

  • I absolutely agree that endless scrolling is a curse. It's the dumbest thing I think I've ever seen on the Web. Unfortunately, your add-on is only a partial solution for me

    On the pages I'm trying, it does kill the scrolling, and allow me to go directly to the last page I'd visited - the inability to do so being the main reason I hate endless scrolling. Unfortunately, after I've done that, I can often no longer page through the site, but have to manually enter page numbers in the address bar. (EDIT: at times, the site does automatically jump forward when I hit the bottom. Other times, it doesn't. No idea what the variable is. Either way, it remains a bit annoying.)

    If you could add some code that would create a button or other mechanism to *manually* page the site, that would be perfect. As it is, I still think your add-on is indispensable, even as a partial fix for this endless scrolling blight that's infected the Internet.

  • Hi DavidC!

    Thanks for developing this AddOn. It gives me what i need: It generates single Sites from infinite blogs and gives them a recall-able site-number, so i can resume much quicker, when i visit a blog later again.

    I use a netbook with XP SP3, FF22. My other PC with Win7 and FF23 is not tested, yet. The Addon does, what it's supposed to.

    A little hint for others:
    Avoid scrolling down to the bottom of the site completely, if you don't want the site to generate another pageload. For me it works fine with Firegestures, so i can increase or decrease the sitenumber in the URL just by moving the mouse a little bit.

    This AddOn can't provide Forward/Previous-Buttons, but that wouldn't be possible to create without too much effort. But we got navigation points in these endless scrolling-deserts and this is not only very nice to have - it's a must have!

  • Really sorry about this as it would have been most useful - I did restart FF after install despite the "no restart" - but I am on version 23... PLEASE do try to make it work :-)

    EDIT I just realised this may be trying to just stop scrolling in the main theme - I mainly want it to stop the scrolling in the archive so only tried it there.

    Developer response

    Yeah, it doesn't work in the archives. I almost never visit those pages but if it's an easy fix I might implement it eventually.

    Thanks for the review.

  • Tried it on a couple of Tumblr "archive" pages.
    Don't see the difference.

    Developer response

    Yeah it doesn't work on the archive pages.

  • It just dont work in firefox 22.0, Ubuntu 13.04

    Developer response

    Do you know why?

  • I hate tumblr pages that have infinite scroll with a passion. There's several pages I like but had mostly started ignoring because of it & this fixes it. Like another user said it didn't work until I restarted despite saying "No Restart" & the next & back buttons don't work on some pages, about 1/2 do work. I've had to do that on pages that don't fit in my screen in the past anyway so no big deal just a minor annoyance. Not 100% 5 stars but without a doubt 4 1/2 star app. Thanks to the creator.

  • Exactly what I needed! Screw this infinite scrolling sh*t, I don't see the benefits of it.
    A couple of notes: Even though it says "No restart", I did have to restart my browser for the addon to start working.
    Also, the only way for me to navigate through different pages is by using the URL bar. The previous/next buttons below are un-clickable.
    But I'm more than satisfied with it already though!

  • If there is one thing that bugs me it is infinite page lengths that are designed because theme designers want to show off so called "skills" (similar to the old flashing text) and make people lazy, whereas instead they are just huge memory hogs of uselessness.
    This addon is something I have been after for years.
    The author of this is now a legend!
    (@geekhideout on tumblr)