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  • Please update the add-on for Firefox Quantum as well.
  • 是非、今後も利用出来るようにアドオンの仕様変更に対応して戴きたい。
  • Not compatible with multiprocess!
  • Firefox Quantum please
  • Impressive amount of settings for fine tuning, and the Greyscale / Outline combo will actually give you the way macOS renders fonts, but on Windows.

    After getting used to the slightly increased blur, it's easy to start appreciating the perfect rendering where the font is the judge rather than the pixel boundaries. This results in fonts always being rendered exactly as they were designed and the kerning always being perfect. It's just too bad I can't seem to improve contrast using this setting, but probably a limitation of Windows font rendering rather than the addon or Firefox.

    For the record, the addon still works great in Firefox 50.
  • Thanks for a great add-on, but please add support for SeaMonkey 2, as described here: .

    Currently, one needs to manually patch install.rdf before installing.
  • As one who uses Windows 7 with font smoothing turned off, I find this add-on indispensable for web browsing. Unfortunately, since the release of Firefox 42, the current version ( crashes the browser when enabled.
  • I noticed some strange areas in font rendering in FF. Putting on cleartype 100% seems to be solved.
    Useful addon, expecially with large screens (>24'') and with custom zoom in webpages :)
  • You might have noticed text has weird character spacing when displayed in Firefox. Some characters are too close together, while others have awkwardly wide spaces between them. This is because Firefox uses "GDI rendering" which means it can only place a character on a whole-pixel boundary, and for some reason isn't very good at picking the right pixel to start on.

    This extension fixes that! Just install and set the aliasing and rendering modes to "default", and you're done. Much better. Not sure why this functionality isn't built in to Firefox already.

    Note: Using Windows 10 and Firefox 42 the "Aliased" rendering mode didn't work for me. When I clicked Apply, all the text including that in the options dialog box disappeared (and I can imagine it might be a problem switching back with all the text gone!)
  • Easiest way to get Direct2D rendering working in firefox.

    My one complaint some settings dont stick after closing the applet panel such as "Natural Symmetric" :( Loses 1 star for that.
  • I confirm. It is not working of FF 38.0.1
  • Excellent plugin, works fine on FF31 ESR, but broken with FF38. pls. update and fix.
    Thank you.
  • 素晴らしいアドオンをありがとうございます
    Firefox36.04までの動作に問題はありませんが、37.01に更新するとGreyscale Outlineなどの一部のレンダリングモードがうまく機能しないようです
  • Super Add On, welches die Schrifteneinstellung gewährleistet, wenn man im System ohne Clear Type etc. arbeitet, alles chick bis Version FF 36.0.4, nach Installation von 37.0.1 arbeitet das Add On nicht mehr, gar nicht!

    Super add on, which ensures the character setting, etc. if you work in the system without ClearType, everything OK up to version 36.0.4 of FF, after installing 37.0.1 works the add-on no longer, not at all!
  • please...
  • Won't even install in FF 32. It claims to install, runs through the process, but doesn't actually. Even the install button goes back to "Add to Firefox." I guess Firefox lovers are just stuck with crappy type.
  • My currently version de FF is 31, I dont see changes when I move the options, please try to fix the Add because a lot of web pages is not working ok with FF 31
  • Good!
  • Worked great for me for years, but after update of Firefox to 30.0 version greyscale antialiasing can't be turned back on. I hope, it could be fixed somehow.
  • This washed out fonts with antialasing are inacteptable for non blind humans.
  • Not Working with FF 31 Final, please fix this trouble(
  • PLEASE fix it :( i can't use FF without it
  • A few cases where it doesn't work (mostly on Twitter), but for the most part -- excellent!
  • Awesome.