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I imagine this add on it great, if you live in America... There is a big list of US states to choose from, of course I don't live in a US state so it's not much use to me is it? It should be called AniWeatherUS or something so that people don't install it by mistake only to realise it's useless to them.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.19). 

AniWeather is for global locations

AniWeather provides weather information (temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation, etc.) for global locations, not only US. We have many users from Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. who enjoy such features very much. As for graphic reports (uv index, hurricane, satellite, etc.), even though we only provide them for US regions, please keep in mind that we have the most comprehensive such features in all up-to-date weather extensions. Other extensions have none or only small portion of such features for US, not mentioning international locations.