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  • nice!

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  • So cute and woodstock is animated.

  • Genial

  • I have used this Snoopy theme for quite a while. LOVE IT... setting up a new laptop & going with it again! <3

  • I simply love the characters, especially Snoopy.

  • Awesome Themes ❤ Firefox !

  • Le doy sólo dos estrellas porque a pesar que me gusta Snoopy y la animación está muy bonita, dura muy poco, al cabo de un rato la animación deja de funcionar, ya en anteriores ocasiones he colocado temas animados y ocurre lo mismo y Firefox no corrige eso. A ver si ahora si ponen atención y solucionan el problema.

    I give only two stars because although I like Snoopy and the animation is very beautiful, it lasts very little, after a while the animation stops working, and in the past I've placed animated themes and the same thing happens and Firefox does not correct that. Let's see if now they pay attention and solve the problem.

  • No longer works with the "new" (GARBAGE) Firefox 58.0.1

    I've been using Firefox for decades and hate to think about replacing it, but truth told, I'm looking for a good replacement for this new garbage.

  • It makes me happy! :)

  • Who doesn't love Peanuts and Snoopy?

  • Love it. Snoopy's chest going up and down with zzz's showing is cute.

  • I LOVE this theme! However the animated Woodstock on Snoopy's belly just QUITS once you first install it!?? I used to be able to fix this problem in "about:config buttons" but FF57 has scrapped this extension and now I can't get it to work anymore! UGH! Do you know of a NEW way to keep the animation rolling? Thanks!

  • A great extension!

  • Muito lindo!!!

  • Ele não funciona em animação!

  • très sympathique...

  • Love Peanuts and really love this theme. Doesn't intrude like other themes with the functionality of the browser

  • Worked ok when first downloaded but having restarted the laptop it now just sits at the top of the screen ...dead

  • Alegre...

  • Fácil interação, ótimos gráficos.

  • Muito top

  • Relaxing theme. Yay snoopy

  • Excelente para relajarte mientras navegas por internet.

  • Beautiful, simple and serene. Intermittent animation fixed by disabling, then re-enabling, theme. Other than this small quirk, I just love it!