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  • Lovely animation. Reminds me of the Poconos in fall.
  • Flowing water = abundance flowing into my life.
  • I have been a member of this community since I think before you became well known for your magnificent Themes. I have always wanted to try my hand in making Firefox Themes but my artistic side is a tad rusty (and I am not that patient...LOL [<^__^>] ) ... How do you get the animation so perfect? I must have viewed all and installed at least most of your animated themes over the past few years...and I never said Thank You from a not so verbose fan... keep up the great work. I especially like your Peanuts Themes...

    Spirit Wolfe / Sawuwaya
  • فقط میگم دوستش دارم همین
  • Questa estensione é un design personale , creare un tema al browser stile completa l'aspetto Tecnico.
  • Beautiful scenery and vibrant colors that aren't too bright so you can see tabs and info.
  • I love the beautiful waterfalls.
  • Wunderschöner Wasserfall in herbstlicher Umgebung.
  • So Far, Sooooo GREAT!!
  • awsome thx
  • Une pure Merveille comme toutes vos autres créations. Félicitations !!!
  • Gorgeous! Well done!
  • Looks fine - nice selection of colours and all that....but they're quite average. And more importantly, why does it keep freezing? Every morning I have to start the waterfall again....and then part way through the day it'll just stop for no known reason.
    Truthfully, although it looks good on my browser I loaded it because it's an animation, but it isn't.
  • Es muy importante la naturaleza con estos paisaje que creo Dios es hermoso para relajarse.
  • superbly beautiful
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