feature request - Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Ignore the review - I had to give one...

For Anybody

You don't have to install this to be able to use AniDisable. Instead - if you have MR Tech Toolkit

MR Tech Toolkit

You can override compatibility checking.

For "Mike"

There's no way to contact you so I'll make my feature request here.

Could you make this option(?):

Opening a gif in a new tab automatically sets that tab to enabled even if the add-on is set to disabled.

I'm sure that many people would like that too. 99.9%+ of the time I want gifs to be diabled, but the times when I open a gif in a new tab - I'm doing that so I can see the animation.

Also - I think you should give it a new name without "hacked" in the title. Like AnidisablePlus.