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  • Perhaps not the most important add-on you will ever use, but it does the job and you can have fun with your 3D glasses :)

  • If you want to have this 3D image on WEB, you should:
    1. To save it locally on your drive
    2. To upload it to image host (there are many, for instance, Imgur
    3. To bookmark a link, given by Imgur

  • Installed, went to my Flickr account, right clicked and selected the 3D option. Worked great. So far, one of my favorite addons

  • I love it. Really, I do. I just wish that it supported other colours, like red and green.

    Developer response

    In version 0.2.0 added support red-green anaglyph.

  • 3d image is opened in 'about:blank', so that you can not use the add 'super start'.
    3d image has the same dimensions as the original image are thereby cut off the edges of the image.
    And yet the icon of the additive should be done in 3d

  • Nice Job !!! ....

  • Thank you very much for this addon! What a nice surprise! Currently, there is no other similar addons for Firefox, your addon is the only one, and it is very fresh! Thank you! :)