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  • Amplify is a great tool to clip, share and discuss whatever you’re reading on the web. Setting up Amplify is a breeze. When you are at the Amplify.com website sign in with your Twitter account or create an Amplify account. Next install the Firefox add-on and you are ready to go.

    Amplify will import your Twitter avatar and profile, and create a multi-user Wordpress blog for you. A smart choice ’cause this way the blog can also be used by businesses, organizations, or any other group to create a community website.

    To create a blog post visit a website you want to share; hit the “Amplify” button to enter clip mode; select the pictures, text or even movies you want to copy; click the "Amplify it" button, add a title and commentary, and you’re ready to publish. I’ve created my first blog post in just over a minute.

    The clog (a contraction of clip and blog) comes with lots of features out of the box like comments, categories, tag cloud, RSS and various options to share your blogposts like Twitter and Facebook. Making it an excellent Social Media tool.

    I’m very excited by this new service and use it almost every day for 6 weeks now. It’s easy to use, but the Amplify people didn’t cut down on features and regularly add new ones.

  • Amplify is a nice integration with Twitter and other popular social networking sites. You can effectively share exactly what you want to share indicating the portion of what you want your followers to read.

  • I've been using ClipMarks for over a year and loved it. Now with Amplify, the neatest and easiest way to share what you've found and what you think on your blog and all the social networks is here!

  • Great Application for bloggers & non bloggers as well. You can share your personal thoughts on interesting topics you read on the internet, along with text from the article. Once done you can share your post with others via multiple social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, etc. Simple and easy to use. Enjoy reading feedback about your post or debates you might start between readers who comment on your posts. Amplify is a great application for anyone who loves sharing their knowledge around the web.