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  • Works as advertised when you're already logged in. However, when you're not logged in, the extension causes a redirect loop that prevents you from accessing Amazon at all. A shame it still hasn't been fixed.
  • This is very useful.A great simple plugin for more easily accessing Amazon Smile.Makes giving to my favorite charity super easy and It is really works.
  • Slow and only works when signed in
  • Works as expected! Finally a substitute for the obsolete official amazon add-on!
  • It directs you to Amazon Smile when you put Amazon into the address bar, just like it says :)
  • This extension prevents firefox from loading amazon pages while in private browsing. Otherwise it does cause every loaded page to be amazon smile.
  • Infinite redirect loop when not logged in
  • When you're not logged in, the add-on forces an infinite redirect loop. Otherwise, it works as intended
  • works
  • Something that would be nice, would be the ability to whitelist and blacklist urls. Currently this redirects on the AWS login page, which doesn't make sense: https://signin.aws.amazon.com/signin
  • Does what it says.
  • Was working great until a week ago, and now it's causing a constant cascading redirect. Disabling it was the only option.
  • This add-on does what it is supposed to do and is faster than other smile url rewriters. I once used 'auto smile' which would wait for the whole page to load before requesting the smile URL but this add-on does it right and seems to send the modified request immediately.
  • does not work at all in firefox 58.0.1. Does not show up at all in the extensions area of the top bar on the right side.
  • Excellent extension, makes me happy that I can so easily support my favorite charity.

    One problem: infinite redirecting when I'm not logged into Amazon.
  • It works!
  • Works like a dream. I typed amazon.co.uk into the Firefox address bar and this add on redirected to smile.amazon.co.uk. So grateful, as I really didn't want to install Amazon's redirect solution, Amazon Assistant. The sign up terms for its Assistant are eye opening - it effectively silently tracks all browser-related activity.
  • A great simple plugin for more easily accessing Amazon Smile; The only issue is that visiting amazon will send the page into an infinite loading loop if you're browsing in Private Browsing mode.
  • Nice: install and forget about it. It would be helpful if it somehow was able to work without having to be already logged in at Amazon. An on/off toolbar button might help. Also, a preference setting to turn it on of off for each specific country domain would be useful.
  • Makes giving to my favorite charity super easy!
  • It works as intended, so that's good. It makes it impossible to browse the Amazon website if not logged in though, that's pretty bad. I'm not using privacy add-ons that (for example) destroy cookies (among other tracking bits) soon as I leave a site only to allow one of the biggest data collectors out there to track me at his leisure. I sure prefer to be unrecognized by Amazon until I actually decide to buy (or not buy) something there. Isn't it possible to have the add-on check if I'm logged in to Amazon and if not forgo the redirect? That would make it pretty much perfect.
    thanks, working on this!