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  • No longer works with latest update
  • No longer working after the latest upgrade.

    Mac OS X
    Firefox 63.0.1
    Amazon SMILE! 1.4.1

    When I go to amazon.com there is no redirect.
  • This extension used to do exactly what it described, but after the latest update it no longer works even when logged in. My platform is Firefox 63.0.1 on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 1803
  • Never redirects to smile anymore. Win 7, FF63, in the US. I've tried logging out and back in but it still will not redirect.
  • Edit: latest update (v. 1.4.5) works as expected. Thank you!
  • EDIT: The new update 11/4 is back to working as intended.
    This was working great till the last update on 10/30. Now it does not redirect to Smile.
    Sure you are logged in? With this update it only works after logging in, to prevent a previous bug.

    Edit: If still any problems occur, please write me where you're from and which device you use. This helps to locate the bug. Thanks!
  • For its intended use, this add-on does exactly what I want - when I type in Amazon's URL, it redirects me to the smile website. This is something Amazon's official extension does not do.

    Unfortunately, it does have a rather annoying bug - If I click an Amazon link and am not logged in (e.g. Amazon US or Germany product link, but I'm only logged in on the UK website), it gets stuck in an endless loop trying to redirect to the smile URL. It would be great if it detected the redirection attempts and temporarily disable itself to let me access the page, maybe with a warning bar stating that I need to log in and click retry.

    I also wish there was a toolbar icon that let's me temporarily disable it, especially in private browsing mode. For example, if I'm browsing Amazon for gift ideas, I certainly do not want to log in!
    Hey, thank you for your feedback! I know this problem since ~1 year, but I was really busy, hadn't time to work on this addon.
    But right now I'm working on a solution, that may come in a few days, if everything works! :)
  • Please do add a toolbar button to this extension. After all, I have the option to hide it by clicking "Customize"!
  • Works as advertised when you're already logged in. However, when you're not logged in, the extension causes a redirect loop that prevents you from accessing Amazon at all. A shame it still hasn't been fixed.
  • This is very useful.A great simple plugin for more easily accessing Amazon Smile.Makes giving to my favorite charity super easy and It is really works.
  • Slow and only works when signed in
  • Works as expected! Finally a substitute for the obsolete official amazon add-on!
  • It directs you to Amazon Smile when you put Amazon into the address bar, just like it says :)
  • This extension prevents firefox from loading amazon pages while in private browsing. Otherwise it does cause every loaded page to be amazon smile.
  • Infinite redirect loop when not logged in
  • When you're not logged in, the add-on forces an infinite redirect loop. Otherwise, it works as intended
  • works
  • Something that would be nice, would be the ability to whitelist and blacklist urls. Currently this redirects on the AWS login page, which doesn't make sense: https://signin.aws.amazon.com/signin
  • Does what it says.
  • Was working great until a week ago, and now it's causing a constant cascading redirect. Disabling it was the only option.