AmabayFox - Compare Amazon™ and eBay™ Prices 1.3.20120315.1-signed.1-signed

Privacy Policy

This add-on modifies the contents of pages when you visit and What it does is simply inserting a button to product page, clicking on the button leads to Amazon and eBay price comparison on our website.

We do not collect any of your personal information, nor do we attempt to match sales to Firefox add-on product views or anything of that nature. The add-on does not even run on HTTPS pages, so during checkout and other sensitive activities, AmabayFox isn't watching.

As noted in the developer comments section, the AmabayFox is supported by the Amazon affiliate program. That means we get a small referral fee from Amazon when you buy something on their site via ours. It's seems like a win-win situation because such links in no way affect your Amazon experience; that means you get compare prices between Amazon and eBay before you buy, and we can afford to pay for the servers and stuff it takes to provide them to you.

If you are not comfortable with the sound of any of these things, please do not install this add-on.

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