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  • doesn't install AOT file in windows 10
  • This is very good and it's working well. I'm just curious about how to delete 'AOT.exe' for emergency. How can I delete 'AOT.exe' clearly?
  • Feeling suspicious at first, because it required to run the .exe file from github
    After seeing all the friendly and responsible replies from Developer to 1* rate, it convince me to give it a try.
    The extension is work well for me, GREAT JOB.
    Hopefully the developer continues to improve the product and gain more trust for future users
  • Don't use this one cause it asks you to download another application and install it into your OS. Only then will it work. The whole purpose of the add-ons is to stay inside the browser. I don't trust any add-on that needs outside support. You don't know what that other app is doing. Don't waste your time with this one and pass it up.
  • It does not function with certain apps. When I was using Firealpaca it kept that constantly on top instead.
  • Needed something to hold my browser over the top when I watch videos with windows command shutdown -s -t active.
    Worked fine on the old computer with windows 7, but now my windows 10 notifications that the computer will be turned off after X minutes overpower this add-on and sadly show over the mozilla.
  • (Edit: It's now slightly more open source, and while I'm not very familiar with exe building, the entire actual program seems to be missing, this is building a shell. Why not just post the project?)

    Requires external program to work, fine. What's less fine is that although it claims it's open source, the source is nowhere to be found on Github. The zip-file he's labeled as "source" in releases only has a config file and the HTML used to explain that "it's totes not a virus and 300kb is too small to fit one in" (you could. Another red flag).

    I wouldn't mind closed source, but when it claims to be transparent, and it's not, that raises red flags. The exe is also not signed by MS and flags up as adware in some antivirus software (may be false positives). Point is I don't trust it, and I don't think you should either. Releasing the actual source would probably fix this concern.

    sorry it has taken me this long but now it's really transparent - I've put the source code in the master branch and everyone can build his own host app,

    Thank you,
    Best regards,
    Vasyl Maherka
  • Why the AOT.exe is not open source?
    This is the virus scan results: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/984ff236c742c7c490965dbee5b35523e379524af8ced44527fb5650d051de29/detection
    Hello Gabriel,

    sorry it has taken me this long but now it's really transparent - I've put the source code in the master branch and everyone can build his own host app.

    As you'll see, there are false positives in antivirus results sometimes,

    Thank you,
    Best regards,
    Vasyl Maherka
  • Works. But hopefully there is no virus. LOL
  • Worked exactly advertised. Literally 30 seconds to download and run AOT.exe and I can pin Firefox on top.