111 reviews
  • Redirects to SPAM and Ads
  • All die başlıyor ama ne hikmetse sadece youtube dan indirebiliyor
  • Полная чушь
  • Хрень полная
  • Enganação, te envia para um site, quem nem faz o download kkkkkkk PESSIMO!
  • VK video - spam redirects only.
  • Direciona para site malicioso.
  • Caused a Norton block of a malicious site
  • lixo
  • Amène automatiquement sur contenu avec tentative d'installation de malwares ou spywares. Vivement déconseillée !
  • It's almost a virus.
  • new windows with casino ads pop up. type of ads i dislike. uninstalled immediately without trying it
  • La única extensión para descargar desde Dailymotion, todos los demás no sirven.
  • Kept trying this over the years, then uninstalling it, as it did nothing for me.
    Now, it adds a browser freeze right along with the "where the hell are the download links?"
    VERY disappointed!
  • Working!