113 reviews
  • Redirects to SPAM and Ads
  • All die başlıyor ama ne hikmetse sadece youtube dan indirebiliyor
  • Полная чушь
  • Хрень полная
  • Enganação, te envia para um site, quem nem faz o download kkkkkkk PESSIMO!
  • VK video - spam redirects only.
  • Direciona para site malicioso.
  • Caused a Norton block of a malicious site
  • lixo
  • Amène automatiquement sur contenu avec tentative d'installation de malwares ou spywares. Vivement déconseillée !
  • It's almost a virus.
  • new windows with casino ads pop up. type of ads i dislike. uninstalled immediately without trying it
  • When you click the download button (from the extension) it takes you to a page that makes you download 2 files that arent related to the video your downloading and you get popups saying that their malware, viruses and phishing scams. If you want something that is easier to use and works better just use the extension called Video DownloadHelper with the 3 circles icon.
  • Kept trying this over the years, then uninstalling it, as it did nothing for me.
    Now, it adds a browser freeze right along with the "where the hell are the download links?"
    VERY disappointed!