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  • Initially installed as an alternative to the lack of a close button on Firefox sidebar tab, it turned out to have a lot more of useful functions.
    Now, I would like to know if there's an option for having the current tab shown when either the pop up or the sidebar is prompted and All is selected, because since I have an indecent amount of open tabs I have to scroll down a lot to go to the current tab. Maybe in the CSS?

    Edit: Thanks! That did it!
    ATH Preferences > Behavior > When reopening "alltabs" menu, ensure selected tab is visible
  • The instructions are baffling, and need to be rewritten more simply. But the addon does the main thing I want. It provides a list of all the tabs in all the browser windows.

    Let me save you some time. Go to:
    Tools menu > Addons > Extensions > All Tabs Helper > Options > Appearance section.

    There you can increase the "BrowserAction popup width" with the arrow to a maximum of 600 pixels. This is the width of the popup list that shows up when clicking the addon icon. This makes the list wider and more easily scannable. If you click in the form, you can type in an even larger width up to 800 pixels before the list width maxes out on my monitors: 2560x1440 and 1920x1080.

    In the "Multi-window" section check the box for "Enable multi-window mode".
    Also, in that section check the box for "List host windows tab first".

    Those 2 changes put all tabs from all browser windows in the list. It puts the tabs from the current window at the top.
  • This addon is incredibly useful to gain an overview of my bucket loads of open tabs. It's stable and reliable.

    One thing that does make using this addon a little bit difficult though, is the small font size, Despite having chosen the option "Use larger text and menu items" the fonts are still very small to me.

    (Would anyone know if it's perhaps possible to adjust the font size myself via about:config or something? Does anyone know of a fix or hack? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller??)

    A requested feature would be to be able to close tabs in the various menus and popups using middle click. (Again, because the close "x" is very little.)

    Despite the minor issue with font size, I'm really grateful for this addon and it's the best tab manager I've tried. I'm giving it 5 stars because the plusses far outway the minusses and the font thing is, technically, an issue with my eyes more than with the addon itself, I guess. ¯\(©¿©) /¯

    Thank you Kevin Jones, for making this addon. It's made my tab-hoarding life a little easier. :)


    Thank you SO much!! That suggestion was immensely helpful and I also managed to tweak a few other settings while I was at it! Everything is perfect as can be now. Thank you! :D
    Thanks for the kind review. You should be able to make the font size larger if you are CSS savvy, and use the "Custom CSS" panel in ATH Preferences. If you click the "View help" button, it will give you guidance as to the appropriate classes to use. If you run into trouble, or are not familiar with coding CSS, give me a ring and I'll try to help: allassopraise@gmail.com
  • Pretty good, very useful for managing tabs. Only problem is the scrolling is a little buggy when my mouse is directly over the list. If my mouse is on the scroll bar it's fine.
  • It was saving my ass every day as I use to have open more than 250 pages. But last 14 days it stop to work, showing only empty list :-(
    Please use the support link on the All Tabs Helper main page.
  • It works great BUT...


    The extension can read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords.
    Yes, the user is notified of that upon installation and has the choice to install or not install. The addon page explains the reason for this permission.

    So why the vindictive rating then?

    The particular permission to which you refer, "read the content of any web page" is needed in order to search tabs content in the "Search all tabs" feature.

    For the record, ATH does not modify any part of any page for spoofing, nor scavenge any user input, in order learn any user information, including but not limited to passwords etc.
  • Awesome!!
  • Font-size is tiny by default and cannot be increased. Please provide an option for increasing the size so we may be able to read the tab list better.
    There already is one: ATH preferences > "Appearance" > "Use larger text and menu items"
  • There are no instructions of how to use the extension.
    All I can find is Copy all tab urls from toolbar, or suspend from the right click menu on each tab.

    In response to the developer:
    The information on about:addons just shows the same information as the page on addons.mozilla.org, it doesn't show where to find the buttons for it.

    I thought the sidebar was just a bookmarks list, which I've never used. You can get bookmarks from the address bar so why use a sidebar for them? I've never seen an addon work from there before.

    The screenshots showed a menu system but it was not clear where that menu system could be found which is why I had trouble using the extension.

    I've used Frefox for at least 10years and feel that I know a lot about it compared to most.
    On the addon main page, under "About this extension":

    "The ATH UI can be accessed 3 ways: In the sidebar, from the toolbar button popup, or in the full view window. Each UI provides 4 different views: .... etc etc etc"

    (I don't provide instructions on how to use basic Firefox function, such as using the sidebar or using the toolbar buttons as I expect users to already know how to use Firefox.)

    ...along with the 19 screenshots which give descriptive images and detailed text for the use of each function.


    For all addons that use a toolbar drop-down menu Firefox places a button in the toolbar, appearing with the addon's icon. Look for the button with the ATH icon (the big blue "A".)

    For all addons that use the sidebar Firefox places the addon's listing in the sidebar menu (View > Sidebar.)

    Using ATH in the sidebar allows the menu to be viewed at all times, whereas using the toolbar button drop-down is ad hoc.
  • I've been using this add-on for years and mostly it's such a time-saver & productivity boost, kudos to the developers, but! This add-on SERIOUSLY LACKS SHORTCUT KEYS! There is absolutely no way to do the simplest use-case of 1) access the tab list (then) 2. search for desired tab (then) 3. switch to one-of-the found tab(s) (done) without touching the mouse. FF's built-in search tab feature (start typing in the location bar with '% ') is now my goto mouseless-switch-tab-solution.
  • This is what I wanted. Just a way to see all my tabs organized by window, and click on them. I use it for finding windows/tabs I'm looking for, checking if I still have them opened, and looking for windows I no longer need and can close. I tired also TabSearch which is good (if you remember enough of what it's called to search for it, but does not give you an overview) and Tab Session Manager (which also saves them, which I guess is good, and you can list the most recent save, or do a save right now and it will list it, but small window, lots of scrolling, and you can't navigate to them from that list). So All Tabs Helper does what I want.
  • - When opening it for the first time, the current tab is not visible and is not selected in tab list until you manually switch to another tab.
    - dark theme isn't activated when Windows theme is changed to dark theme. (as Firefox automatically changes its theme to match Windows theme).
    - When moving mouse over a tab in tab list it would be nice to show that tab's full title on a tooltip message in case sidebar width is small that only part of tab title is visible.
  • Huge productivity bump with this add-on. Nice work!!!
    I'm using the shortcut to show the browserAction popup and "typing initiates filter/search" to easily track down tabs. One addition that would make it entirely mouse-free for me would be to have up/down arrow keys scroll through the search results in the browserAction popup; Enter selects (goto) the highlighted tab. Is this possible?
  • I would like the option to reload selected tabs
  • dups and mini window is super, maybe only the icon ;-)
  • F*in usefull, I almost had to develop it to solve my problem.
    Big thanks!
  • I like it although I find the horizontal space too tight and the hit-target for the close icon is too small. Can you make the horizontal spacing match the built-in "List all tabs" dropdown in Firefox? Also can you make the close icon a bit bigger? Alternatively, you could make that an option so you don't upset existing users.
  • I tried out 8 or so tab list addons, this one is the best!

    Any chance of a dark theme icon in addition to the dark themed list? That white 'A' is distracting.
  • Can you add an option for [tab switching by mouse wheel scrolling] ?
    Another plugins such as [Tree tabs] [Tree Style Tab] all have this option and it makes tab switchings much easier. Wish this addon also has that feature.
  • One of the best add-ons. Though, a close-all-dupes button would be nice.
  • This add on was very useful until it disappeared because firefox says it needs to be signed now ... Please update that?
    As you all probably know by now, this was a bug in Firefox which affected all addons. Hotfix was sent out, and also Firefox was updated to a new version. If you still have problems, please update Firefox.