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  • Easy, Smart and Tidy. A Must-Have!
  • Wonderful add-on!
    But when can it support firefox 3 beta 5?
  • one of the first things i do as i migrate from PC to PC is install this add-on. great work!
  • Just what the doctor ordered. This is absolutely fabulous and a real help in organizing and productivity.
  • This has made my A list, a semi-imaginary list of extensions I would almost unconditionally add to any Fx installation. It's up there with ABP, Noscript, and Google Toolbar.
  • Has a few slight problems with the whole fact that it takes up screen space but other than that I have no problem with it.
  • I am an add-ons junkie. This is probably my very favorite add-on. For those 3.0b5 users, just install the Nightly Testers add-on, then in the add-ons dialogue, click "make all compatible". AiOS will work this way.
  • I dont normally bother with sidebars but thought I wood give it a chance and I am pleased I did it works great and easy to use even for a novice like me .good bit of kit 9/10
  • This is my absolute favorite add-on for Firefox. I am terminally addicted to add-ons, and this beautiful little application keeps all of them organized and folded neatly to the left side of my screen while keeping track of my downloads and billions (and billions and billions) of bookmarks with NO POP UP SCREEN. I've been using it since the beginning, way back when I had a dinosaur PC laptop, and it was one of the first things I downloaded when I got my Mac.

    Now all they have to do is make it compatible with Firefox 3.0 beta 5! :)
  • Amazingly useful for a add on that I didn't think I would use. Now dont know how I ever did with out it.
  • This the best side bar add-on for Firefox!
  • 1 of the add-ons I wish to install as long as I use FF!!!
  • I love this extension, it's one of the first extensions I install on any new installations of Firefox and it's absolutely superb.

    I do wish it worked better on OS X though, I find myself setting up the toolbars on a PC and transferring the configs over, would be great if it just worked.
  • Great add-on! I've been using this add-on for maybe over two years now, and I still like it!
  • This is a great add-on. I am not sure how I lived without this all this while! Keep up the good work
  • I think it's pretty awesome! I'm going to add it to my Mozilla Firefox!
  • It has some compatibility issues, but not enough to knock it down to a four! It is one of the few extensions which I would be disinclined to browse without. It reduces the # of windows open at once. It also has a mastery of chrome:// urls, enabling view of various things in tabs (bookmarks, downloads, addons, error console, history, etc.), in case sidebar real estate is cramped. Should be standard on Fx3, along with AdBlock+ (AB+ isn\'t AFAIK, but they both should be).
  • This is really great! I loved using the Opera web browser and I will still use it (at least not so much as before) but because FF is open source I gave up on Opera getting this extension, the Speed Dial extension and Showcase extension and now I'm really really happy!! THANKS! I'm using FF 3 b4
  • Bestes Add-on!
  • I could not do without this. It is an excellent way of handling my bookmarks and used along with FoxMarks gives a superb overall bookmark solution. Having the other tabs in the sidebar is also more natural, especially on a widescreen pc.
  • Must have Firefox Super-Tool-Bar that just keeps getting better. One of the Very Best Firefox Add-ons imo. on the ball development.
    The developer is to be commended *Brilliant*
  • I didn't realize how much I would miss AIOS until I didn't have it for a few weeks while running Firefox 3 b3. I'm so happy to have it back!!
    Thank you very much for the update!
  • Apparently uses some weird parts of the firefox skin for backgrounds, as it looks glitchy with vista-aero and myfirefox themes. please fix!
    also, I'd love more options with sidebar width - i.e. to make sidebar thinner. it'd also be nice to have auto-hide but only auto-hide when the sidebar isn't open (i.e. hide the panels); if sidebar open always keep it open, if sidebar closed auto-hide the panel

    is AIOS dying or just a vacation?
  • I really cant, especially in full screen mode
  • I can recommend this extension. Am using it for two months now and it makes life bit easier. It's not a revolution though.