1,517 reviews for this add-on
  • Places everything at my fingertips, right where I expect to find it - no popups or windows to get lost behind other windows or appear on the wrong display. Great job.
  • A must-have for Firefox
  • I like it.
  • No puedo estar sin el
  • This plugin do not work with FF 2.0.14 \r\nYou can FIX that ??
  • ブックマーク、履歴、アドオン、ダウンロードなどを全てサイドバーで行えます。
  • It\'s a very useful tool. Thanks
  • This is my favorite add-on. I couldn\'t bear to browse without it.
  • If I am to be trapped on an island and can only bring one Firefox extension with me, its got to be AIOS
  • Used for ages
  • Excelente agregado, justo lo que necesitaba, ya me estaba quedando sin espacio arriba para tantos botones...
  • Gratuliere zu dieser tollen Entwicklung - Firefox wäre ohne All-in-One Sidebar für mich nicht denkbar!
  • It's wooooooonderful It's wooonderful woooonderful!!!!!!!
  • I really do not like Add-Ons that take over and remove previous ability or function. How can I remove the AIOS. After installing it there is no longer the option to control extensions. Further there is no way to remove this extension. Rating on 1 to 10 ZERO!
  • AIOS is the first add on I install any time I install Firefox. It should be defalt.
  • Bardzo dobry dodatek polecam
  • Ease of tasks.. Excellent tool, very useful
  • Waaayy handier! The mouse-over for doppler and icon for hour by hour are a time saver
  • The best!
  • zeer handige add -on het maakt het browsen een stuk gemakkelijker.
  • erg handig hulpmiddel bij het gebruik van firefox
  • This addon just make browsering easyer, it's compact and pretty organized.Now I just cannot browser without it.
    Thanx 4 this!
  • Superb!!
  • Love the sidebar
  • ok