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1,515 reviews for this add-on
  • Es erleichter die Bedienung sehr.
    Ich vestehe nur nicht, wieso es auf dem einen PC firefox Version 57.00 es läuft und auf dem anderen PC nicht installierbar ist.
    Wenn Sie da eine Lösung hätten, wäre das super.
    MFG, Bernd Köhl

    It makes the operation much easier.
    I just do not know why it works on one of my PC with firefox version 57.00 and one my other PC I can not be installed- version not supported.
    If you had a solution, that would be great.
    MFG, Bernd Köhl

  • It was an essential improvement on Firefox, in bundle with O'notes. I cannot do without. Absolutely a must have in the browser. I did not find an other that can substitute this. I am NOT going to update to Firefox 57 as long as I can.

  • AiOS was the main reason for me to switch myself from Safari to Firefox, and now it's gone. Feeling upset. May be all of us should donate any sum?

  • Where to find replacement for AiOS for Firefox Quantum ??!!

  • 希望可以推出相容新firefox的版本

  • I'm not happy that this was discontinued! Ive been using Aios for the better part of 5 years! I loved having all bookmarks, history, add-ons, etc., accessible in one place. I really hope it is brought back.

  • Именно из-за этого аддона в свое время, а было это многие годы назад, соскочил с отяжелевшей Opera. Именно этот аддон делает "Лисицу" похожей на легендарный Netscape!

  • Sehr gut ! Finde es eine Frechheit einfach über Nacht einen neue Scheiss _Fox zu installieren !! Ich habe die Updates ausgeschaltet lasst euch etwas einfallen dass diese geniale SIdebar kompatibel bleibt mit VERS: 57 !!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic extension. Please update it to firefox quantum.

  • Всё было замечательно, но перестала работать - не поддерживает версию 57.

  • Great tool. Have been using it for a long time. Hope there will be an updated version for Firefox Quantum.

  • Perfektní programek..už aby šel na 57

  • It was great addon, but If you used it like me, just for bookmarks, you don't need it anymore. Firefox now has it's own bookmarks side panel, and show/hide switcher for it near adress bar. the onyl thing needs to be implemented is show/hide on click on 1px block on left side of screen

  • 很好,方便使用!

  • Please, update it to Firefox Quantum (the one star is just to call his attention)

  • It makes a key difference between browsers, helping Firefox to be smartest and the definitive choice. All-in-one sidebar speeds up work with history, bookmark,s downloads and a lot of more, reducing need for mouse clicking to the smallest possible extent.

  • Pls update for Firefox Quantum! One of my favorite Add-Ons... I can't without...

  • This add on is why I will delay updating to Firefox 57, but I will update eventually and lose this. Thank you for while it lasted.I hope I can find a similar add on.

  • I will stay on FF56 in order to use this addon!

  • I was a really big fan of using sidebar, and then Firefox upgraded the browser to something that makes it impossible for me to use it! Thanks very much, Firefox, I don't think!

  • 非常好用的扩展,非常感谢作者的付出。



  • Usign it since 100 years :) and I will not imagine how my live would be without this addon.

  • I use try for limite time and is very usefull for my and my wife. Thanks you andCongratulation for your work!
    JC and SSA

  • Diese App ist die beste App die es je für Firefox gegeben hat. Schade, dass sie ab FF57 eingestellt wird, bzw. nicht mehr aktualisiert wird. Hoffentlich findet sich jemand, der sich mit der Materie auskennt und vielleicht diese übernehmen kann.

  • It worked fine, I hope you will develope a new versione for Firefox quantum.