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  • For me it is the best sidebar. Sad though that oftenly is no available to a new versions of firefox
  • Идея стара баузер Опера, но лучшей эргономичности чем в Фаер Фокс, ни кто не придумал.
  • Лучшее, до сих пор не могу найти аналог. Жаль что поддержки больше нет.
  • The BEST and onlyone i need
  • Это удобно, это уже часть тебя
  • 'All In One Sidebar' was a fantastic add-on for the old version of Firefox, and I REALLY miss it not being available for Firefox Quantum. I was just wondering if any developer(s) are thinking of or are currently creating an add-on similar to this.
    Is there anywhere where we could request an add-on like this for Qauntum?
  • Firefox was my exclusive browser because of add-ons like this. Now they're not. This add-on was one of the all-time greats. Thanks for everything.
  • Perfect addon!! LLevo usandolo desde el principio de los tiempos.
  • Absolutely fantastic - don't have to keep looking for shortcuts.
  • Hiiii
  • Очень удобно особенно изменение ширины боковой панели
  • 非常喜欢All-in-One Sidebar在浏览器侧边栏的那排按钮,对于在收藏夹/插件管理/历史/下载之间切换非常方便。希望开发者更新对Firefox 57的支持。
  • Разрабочик забил на приложение а все иза 57 версии и изменения политики дополненией скажем спазибо мозиле что охромила мозилу по самые не балуй!
  • 希望更新,I can't leave it since I came into use. 英语语法很垃圾,希望能表达我的意思
  • This is (was) the reason to have firefox. Someone export it to quantum please!
  • Puedo administrar mis marcadores favoritos rápido, fácil, eficazmente y todos al mismo tiempo.
    Puedo administrar mis add-ons y otras funciones
  • easy to find the downloads and add-ons
  • Do the Firefox Quantum version plz!!!!!
  • the best! да, на последних версиях неработает, мб обновят.
  • У меня отключилось на мозиле 57.0.2, теперь не знаю что делать, т.к. аналогов нет, а я пользуюсь закладками очень активно, сделайте поддержку новой версии мозиле, пожалуйста!!!

    Включил боковую панель в итоге
  • В первую очередь из за этого приложения пользовался лисицей. Это было единственной альтернативой к старой Опере.
    Нашёл боковую панель в 57 версии. Но тогда хоть приделайте хоткейс ,как на этом приложении, а не включение панели через 4 Клика.
  • 为什么不更新了。。。。。
  • Iis the best add-on for this browser when you use large monitor
  • I am heartbroken to read that you won't be developing the AiOS any longer, but I cannot say that I blame you. Today I updated my v56 of FF to v57, and was IMMEDIATELY unhappy with it, since it no longer supports Ajax, which is very important when browsing a XenForo forum, which is the app that Vaping Underground runs on, and I am a daily user of that forum. I immediately did a system restore back to my 11/29 restore point to get v56 back, and left some nasty feedback to Mozilla with my opinion of their lack of ajax support in v57 -- I guess they think we're all tech-luddites who won't know the difference, but have I got news for THEM! Of course when I got v56 back, I immediately felt the lack of my trusty AiOS, and browsed around till I found your site and the reasons you won't be developing it any longer... and found a way to get it reinstalled, because I definitely won't be installing v57 of FF anytime soon, IF EVER, with the lack of Ajax support.

    I'll miss your work, in future when I have no choice but to update FF. But since you're moving to Chrome, maybe you could develop something similar -- if I have to use a FF without Ajax, I'll stick with Chrome exclusively, because Chrome doesn't support Ajax in the XenForo software either, which is the only reason I've been using FF at all -- for that forum.
  • very helpful,i like it very much