447 reviews for this add-on
  • I installed this but it is not added in my add-on and why should I install this everyday?
  • Прекрасное расширение. Не представляю, как без него жить! Я мечтаю, чтобы что-то подобное появилось под проводник Windows.
    Огорчает, что разработчик перестал обновлять расширение. Если бы он выложил код в open source, то возможно кто-то продолжит его дело.
  • Это было лучшее расширение по работе с жестами. Но перестало работать с обновлением FF57. Почините, пожалуйста!
    It was the best, but don't work with FF57. Please, fix it!
  • super tool
  • Used to work great, now its completely useless and does nothing. Firefox devedition 56 new profile win 7. pfffff, no wonder, no updates for 4 years! remove this abandonware trash.
  • Simply the most useful extension!
  • please update 57+ !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not compatible with firefox Quantum.
    Please update 57+ !!
  • Лучшее расширение! Please update!!!
  • please update 57+
  • Incredible handy tool, so sad about the new firefox update :( hope there will be a new update soon, i hate it to browse without it. never want to miss this addon.
  • The best gesture plugin. Waiting for update... very..
  • 57不能用了,求更新。
  • Awesome and very usefull. I can't live without out it!
  • This add on was great, it made navigating the web so much more fun. Why did firefox feel like they could just update me to 57 with none of my extensions. :-(
  • Dear Marc,
    It's your fault if I don't upgrade to FF57. Please, provide us an compatible release. Please
  • God damn mozilla killing the best extension for itself.
  • Please update to FF 57
  • Marc: This is one of my favorite add-ons. Are there any plans to update this for FF 57 and beyond?
  • Best gestures add-on untill it was no longer supported by FF. This was the reason I sticked with FF, the first thing I used to add. I hope to find another addon that gives me the same gestures and customization options.
  • It is great, until its not compatible with the new firefox, please update :(
  • Brilliant extension! I`ve been using it for years.
  • When I lose these features in Firefox I quit Firefox
  • I am using your addon and I like it. But, please, prepare for Firefox 57.
  • It works as i want, but who could tell me what does the "U" mean?? OMG Its better to provide a specification at all