169 reviews
  • Wasn't what I was looking for. I want something where I can just add an extension to look for as opposed to a "type".
  • Copy download link feature would be great. Can you this please. Thanks
  • Doesn't work for macos/ff v67x. When saving 100 images, it opens 100 Save dialog boxes immediately. Force quitting the browser is the only way to stop. Not a very professional image downloader at all.
  • (EN) Works fine. If your page alread open when you install, then refresh (F5/ Ctrl+F5) to past the informations to this Add-on (it means that: the information must be read when this add-on is alread installed).
    (pt_BR) Funciona bem. Se a sua página já estiver aberta quando você instalar, então atualize (F5 / Ctrl + F5) para passar as informações para este Add-on (isso significa que: as informações devem ser lidas quando este complemento já estiver instalado).
  • Goog
  • Despite selecting a couple of items to download, it downloaded every single thing it could on the page. Avoid at all costs.
  • says 'cannot be used in your region' UK
  • Doesn't work. Somehow turned 13 .mkv links into 59 downloads.
  • can not use multiple file-extensions (such as regex) to filter file links