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Excellent Addon. 1) But why is that mails are not coming to me? Is it not yet working? It would be better if we can get the mail immediately after a change on the webpage.
2) Are we provided with any feature on ignoring some part of the text that we selected. It might require that we want ignore just some part , i.e. something related to time which keep changes etc.. on which we are not actually concentrating on , of the entire text. Thanks very much for this wonderful add-on

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Regarding email:
Email alerts require two settings for you to use. First is to set the username and password of your pulsvu.com account in AlertBox. The second is to tell an alert that when ever it finds a change, send an email. You can enable email alert for an alert by checking the "Sens Email" action under Options.

Regarding selective content:
AlertBox is very useful when you want to look for only interesting content and ignoring the changes that you do no like. But it requires some advanced task. This is done through using "Locator Expression" and "Regex Filter". You can experiment with these in the Alert Config Panel by switching to the advanced view. If you have more questions lets discuss it at the support forum.