Greater with update! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Okay so, turns out that the automatic updates failed to update the add-on so I was running version 0.3 and it didn't occur to me to compare that to the latest version on this site...

So now it works better, the button issues seems fixed and it suddenly uses line breaks.

It would be nice if it could use a slightly bigger font and/or bold letters on headers. That would make it easier to read through a list of news with the header and the beginning of the article. It's still pretty messy.

I'd still like the option of only displaying the changed text in the preview instead of displaying all the text in the frame, that would make it easier still to read up on news and such.

With the images I meant that it could check for changes in the file path in the html code.
For example if the code goes

and then it is updated to

it would alert me to the change.
Perhaps a far fetched idea, but it would be nice if it was supported in a distant future.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.1.8b.20091029). 

are you on an older version?

From you symptoms it appears that you are on an older version of AlertBox. Using the latest version the peevs with "add alert..." should be gone and HTML should be diplayed instead of text

AlertBox will be able to show you the changed content soon.

What did you mean by changes in picture paths on a code level? Did you mean that you would like to process the image to look for for changes? You could discuss these in detail at the support forum or send me an email.