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203 reviews for this add-on
  • esenzione eccellente spero che facciano il prima possibile l'aggiornamento per la nuova versione di firefox

  • While the addon itself is fantastic, it does NOT have multicore support. This makes firefox work in single-core mode (Multiprocess Windows 0/2 (Disabled by add-ons)) which considerably slows the browser down, causing jerky scrolling and other issues.

    I'd give 5/5 if this was fixed.

  • Very good extension

  • Thanks for this great addon, extension

    Now this version is "legacy" and a beta WebExtension version is available

    A must have state of art software, no doubt.

  • Leider funktioniert bei der Firefox-57-Version der Tab "Ungelesen" nicht mehr. Somit aktuell leider nicht verwerndbar

  • With running a evergrowing business, I rely on tools like Distill to keep me "in the know" that my stuff is working and my customers are able to see whats going on with the company. Distill's ability to alert me instantly when my website is experiencing difficulties has been crucial and I can't thank the developers enough.
    If you've been looking for a Web Monitor then stop looking. You have found the only one you'll ever need right here!!

  • An app to play with dynamic web pages!! Really helped me to solve my business needs by providing a good monitor..

  • Been using for about a week and things seem to work well so far. If you're looking for email notifications when a site updates, and you're tracking several sites, you may need to upgrade once your limited email notifications run out.

  • Fantastic extension letting me tracking a lot a webpages for changes.
    Unfortunately it broke this morning after an update on FF 55.0.3. Like some other I still get notifications but I can't go to the watchlist or click on unread notifications to open the link.

  • Great addon, unfortunately it breaks multi-process compatibility in newer Firefoxes, which slows it down a lot. Hopefully a WebExtensions compatible version will be released ASAP.

  • I can only say, that Distill works fine for me on Windows 10 (Firefox) and for the things I need it, it works pretty good. When I had questions about monitoring a specific object on a website, the support helped me within one day and the solution worked. I'm using Distill since 1,5 years now and just upgraded to the $09/month-plan to get access to the Android app and to support their work. Keep on going!

  • javascript:(function(){var%20s=document.createElement('script');s.src='';document.head.appendChild(s);})()

    This is provided by Distill. Use it. Look at official link :

    I'm waiting for new addon

  • Updated: Great addon, now works with WebExtensions in it's non-legacy version.

  • Its a beautiful addon, it should go along with FF57... Itd be a shame not to convert it to e10/WebExtensions.

  • Element selection on a page stopped working a while ago; existing notification still work, but I can't add new ones.

    Truly sad, extensions like that used to be the main reason for me to still use FF from time to time. Now as they would likely be completely gone from FF 57, well...

  • 5 star if compatible with firefox 57

  • But doesn't work in latest version of Firefox (55.0.2) Can't go to Watchlist or open updated pages

  • I cannot open the watch list when click the "Go to watchlist" button.

  • As a fan of independent music, I like to keep track of when my favorite artists and labels put out something new that I would want to grab. Distill makes this very easy - monitoring ecommerce pages for new products is a snap!

  • ありがとう、Nintendo SwitchをNintendo Storeで買えました、12:06~12:22という短い時間帯の販売でこのツールがなかったら見逃していたでしょう

  • The absolute BEST solution for monitoring web pages! The free account has quite a few options but the paid accounts are even better. Worth its weight in gold!

  • A wonderful addon!

  • This works great with Firefox on Mac and doesn't seem to consume too much of my system's memory.
    Using to alert in stock items on some online retailers.

  • I think many other users will enjoy this plug-in. Surely not a common one to find around on the web.

  • This add-on is wonderful. But need to be updated for e10s support ASAP.