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  • 很好用的英文拼写检查插件,不用换Chrome了.
  • Never mind one hour after installing it broke, and stopped working. WTH?
  • Does not work well at all. Doesn't talk to the server. Doesn't find common errors. Should be removed to keep people from wasting time installing it.
  • El complemento hace lo que dice. Andaba buscando un corrector ortográfico para el TinyMCE de Prestashop, y este funciono, ya que el corrector de Firefox no lee el texto en este editor.

  • It's okay for spelling, but there are masses of instances where it fails to spot grammatical errors compared to Microsoft Word for example. Even simple its/it's are often missed. In short, you may as well stick to the basic spell checker or copy and paste your text into Word if it's mission-critical.
  • Hasn't worked for FF is over a year. How about just telling people that before wasting everyones time.
  • I remember using it before, and it was pretty great, looking for stuff besides spelling. By now, even though I set it to warn me if I submit posts without checking, it does nothing, no matter what webpage I'm on.
  • No matter what I do this plugin doesn't seem to be working anymore after the latest FF updates.
  • I am unsure why people are saying this extension is not working as I'm having NO problems with it at all. I purposely left what I knew was a spelling error in this as I typed it. (GGGGRRRRR! It helps to pay attention to the results before hitting "Submit Review"!) AtD caught it. I've been pleased with AtD for awhile. It is one of the first extensions I install on a clean profile if I change profiles for any reason. I was even happy to see they have an extension for Open Office as well.
  • This was one of my favorite add-ons, but sadly it doesn't seem to be supported any longer. Most people like myself, had used this on blogs or forums. And now the button doesn't show up on most modern designs (it's not the browser, it's the websites).

    For example right now I see the spelling iron, but on several other tab windows such as WordPress, vBulletin, XenForo, ect... Nothing.

    The add-on it's self is also using older code.

    I tried to contact the developer. Was willing to even pay them to develope it further.... no reply.
  • This went from working all the time to just working when it wants to to not working at all. It hasn't worked for me for over a month. I am using the latest FF.
  • Not intuite and doesn't really check grammar
  • I have been using this useful addon, but have had to disable it as it interferes with cookies on the Firefox 15.0.1, and I have no idea why.
  • This add-on crashes face-first into the dirt by NOT being in ENGLISH. It is Americanlish and does not follow spelling, grammar or style of either UK English or International English.
  • This is a useful tool, but the icon stops the ability to reize text areas.
  • Please fix this addon! The icon almost never appears. It's great the few times it does work though.
  • This has gone from being a favourite add-on to being a major irritation.

    Seemingly since the latest Firefox release the otpion to check only appears for the first use when the browser is opened - and then fails to appear.

    To make it reappear, the browser has to be closed and opened again.

    Any chance of a fix soon, please?

    PS. Still 4 stars because it's excellent when it's working!
  • This is a good add-on, but has one very bad flaw. The spell check icon is in most cases in the bottom right hand corner, which makes it very hard to expand the dialogue box if you want to do that. If they fix that and put it in the top right and corner, instant five stars from me.
  • When the plan is to support Polish language (for proofreading)??
    At the moment, there are no plans for adding support for Polish to our free hosted service. However, if you would like to host your own instance of After the Deadline, there is a language pack for Polish available here:
  • ▶ Why do people take stars away for Firefox compatibility issues?

    This has NOTHING to do with an ADD-ONs functions or quaility.

    It has to do with UPDATING something that the programmer is not in control of. Not to mention that fact that everyone is SO demanding, over software THEY DON'T PAY FOR!!

    People are ABSURD!!
  • "Spell button" to post these reviews is completely in wrong place. Other bugs during spelling.
  • This is rather positive review then negative. In comparison with spell checkers from writing service Writemypapers.org review and spellcheck.net it makes some mistakes and ignore some mistakes, but in general, very useful and on the high level.
  • Great extension. Never had a grammar checker in Firefox before and it works very well. The only problem was clicking on 450 words to add into the dictionary -- this one uses cookies, and not persdict.dat in the Firefox profile. I moved "ignore always" to the top of the context menu with the "Menu Editor" extension click on marked word with mouse in right hand, click on "Home" then "Enter" with left hand. I sure am glad everyone uses real dictionaries now when I did this 25 years ago I had to type or paste over 7000 words to our main dictionary and compile it.
  • Firefox's default spellchecker craps out in some forums, leaving me with underlined words, and no option but to run and look it up on another tab. It is also unaware of cliche's and clunky phrasings, and After the Deadline handles that brilliantly! It recognizes slang words and terminologies that the default checker would balk at. In short- a terrific add-on!
  • Useful though buggy addon. It doesn't work with some comment forms. Plus it hasn't been updated for longer than a year.