Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Since I first read about it over at Lifehacker.com there has been a problem with AtD and WYSIWYG editors. With Update 1.1 AtD seem to be working better with WYSIWYG editors but after editing the text body with AtD for some reason it wont let me click "Post" [submit the post]. For some reason, AtD blocks the Post button and never releases the block. Even reloading the page doesn't help.

- For WYSIWYG editors with colored by backgrounds default, when using AtD, the background becomes white. This is a pain when editing because by default text editors with colored background by default set the font color to white by default.
-[minor]The text found in the box becomes centered but once the editing is done it is returned to its original alignment.

- [Minor] Before on the AtD right click menu a DownThemAll option would sneak in as well as one from AdBlock Plus. Well the DTA option is gone but the ABP is still showing up.

Other than these problems, AtD is an exellent addon with a prosperus future.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.11). 

Please send a bug report (with details)

We're going to work to improve the proofreader's ability to inherit style information from the WYSIWYG editor. The current method is usable on the popular web applications we tested with.

If you could contact us and provide URLs to websites where you're using WYSIWYG editors with color backgrounds and the site you're having trouble using post with, we'll look into it. Without this information, we can't make a better add-on for you.