90 reviews for this add-on
  • I've really enjoyed this theme on all of my previous versions of FF... It's excellent. Would LOVE an update for more current browsers (i.e. 4.xx)
    Thanks for the hard work.
  • On the picture it looks good, but please upgrade to 3.6.6 so that I can use it..
  • updates please
  • Its Looks Good. It Sounds Good. But It Dose Not Work. Please Update It. www.foxzo.co.uk
  • Please Update 3.0.8
  • Please Update 3.0.8
  • Please Update
  • i need this 4 Firefox 3.0.7 update it please :)
  • Could you post a theme for Firefox 3.0.7
  • hhhh
  • It says that it's compatible with FF3. It's not.
    Update, please?
  • i like it
  • Sau naise ;)
  • 建议每个说明后面加载个中文说明,让中文用户更易懂
  • it is a clasic colour mario.spletno-mesto.com
  • Can you make a firefox 3.0 version please?
  • Cool!
  • bien
  • Exelente tema, Pero me gusta conserar más la naturaleza de firefox...
  • a
  • The Theme is well done! An excellent clone of IE7. However, I use Firefox because I prefer it to IE and I don't want to be reminded of IE every time I open Firefox. Sorry but It's pointless for me! You have talent! Create something else.
  • I have my FF upgraded to latest version 3.0.1 but when I did the installation, it did not allow me due to the uncompatible????? Any suggestion?