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  • Unfortunately Firefox has rendered this unusable even in the esr 52.8.1 version just recently. Removing the one reason I have used firefox for many years.

  • Ed, would you mind giving a hint about how to delete this line from about:config? I thought "reset" might do it but it didn't. Thanks and again, I love the theme.

    Developer response

    Apparently others have tried deleting the line without success. I can no longer reproduce the Options bug. I think it is because I have copied my cookies and my bookmarks elsewhere, then cleaned out my profile. If you don't know how to do this, Mozilla Help can help you. Do make a dummy profile and try it there first, so you get the hang of it.

  • Used Aeon for years- best appearance of any themes, but now with Firefox 42 the Options page (formerly a pop up box) is not displayed properly and none of the controls work. Regretfully for now have had to use FF default theme. Hope Ed will work on this theme in the future.

    Developer response

    We are probably stuck with the current themes, as Mozilla is getting rid of all the complete themes and replacing them with something else. I have asked for improvements that will allow me to have fewer themes doing the same job, but we will have to wait and see.
    For now, see if you can delete "browser.preferences.InContent". It no longer exists in my about:config, and the Options window works just fine.

  • Nach der Änderung über about:config und Abänderung der Einstellung "browser.preferences.InContent" auf "false" funktioniert alles wieder wie vorher. Vielen Dank für den Hinweis an Mozilla-Addons.

  • Ready for you to make this awesome addon to work 100% in the new FF, (no min, max, close button)....

  • Awesome..! The absolute best I've ever used. Installed on both my computers. Thanks a million.

  • Ed Hume has done a wonderful job of revising Aeon with new versions of FF. Highest accolades to this theme and its author. Been using Aeon for eons.

  • Opened FF today and saw Aeon had updated from 6 to 7. Pleasantly surprised to see my tabs back on the bottom, without installing any new extensions. But disappointed to see my small icons have doubled in size. Why? Bigger is not always better.

    Ed, just read your response. I knew I could count on you. Can't wait for Aeon Small. Sounds like a 5 Star Theme.

    Developer response

    Firefox took away our choice of icon size, so you can have only one size per theme. :-(

    I have created a new theme called Aeon Small that has the smaller icons. Otherwise it is the same as Aeon. When the new theme is reviewed and approved, you can have your small icons again.

  • Rats so much for perfect I went to customize to put the text back on my buttons and it's is all messed up can you please fix this? Thank you. Other then that I love this.

  • Runs perfectly every time (stable) - Space-conserving but still attractive - Easy on old and/or tired eyes (like mine) - Add this horse to your stable!

  • Ho provato molti temi, ma questo è il migliore in assoluto. Mai banale, colorato il giusto, un ottimo equilibrio tra utilità e gradevolezza. Grazie per gli aggiornamenti.

  • Very nice for those who like a light, clean theme with a twist. The icon images are creative and add lots of character.

  • Finally -- a white theme that looks white on my PC. I like the icons (Forward & Back are especially clever), clean, crisp and pleasing. Very nice work.

  • Nice

  • How come these themes don't work with 20.0.2???

    Developer response

    Mozilla did something and made all of my themes incompatible with Firefox. I don't have time to investigate and fix the problem right now. Some of us have lives that take up our time.

  • This is by far the greatest theme I've ever used. Install it on all my machines. Clean, cute, very understandable, bright and fun, it's just Awesome! Thanks for such a great job!

    If only Mozilla could get their act together and do something as visually cool and not keep switching things around and messing everything up so you don't have to constantly update it to keep up with the latest version.... geez Mozilla, Come on!

    Thanks for the awesome theme!

  • Look no further! This is the cleanest, freshest, and best theme for Firefox ever! I spent a while yesterday trying all kinds of themes & addons from Walnut, to Steampunk to Japanese Tattoo - all were "muddy" to me & hard to use. This comes through every time! LOVE IT!
    ~Gwyneth Jones
    The Daring Librarian

  • This is still the best theme for Firefox and it is updated on a regular basis. Kudos to the author for doing so and thanks for creating such a clean and well thought out theme. Your work is appreciated!

  • great bright large clean buttons makes firefox easier to use

  • I LOVE this theme and I have used it for a very long time. I refuse to download the new Firefox until we can have this theme available. It is the most interesting of all the themes I have tried and used since Firefox came out. Very classy. Easy on the eyes. The attention to little details such as opening a new tab. Nice touch with all the little icons for each task.

  • They're at it again... At your earliest convenience could we get an update for this wonderful Add-on? Thanks again for the only plug in that I'll never willingly remove from FF.

  • Please update this for Firefox 14.0.1!!!

  • I really love this, been using it for a month now, Ive tried others before but this one is the best!!
    thanks a lot!

  • I've liked this theme since sometime around the Firefox 2 days. I was happy to see it was still available for F'fox 10.

    Aeon is for me a very good occasional theme. I alternate between its bright, usable cheeriness and other themes depending on my mood.

  • A very clean, readable theme. It fits my requirements because it is uncluttered, the icons are distinguishable and colorful to catch the eye easily, the characters on the bookmark bar are easy to read because of the black against a faintly line background. I have tried many different themes and this is the one I like the best. Its only drawback is that it does not work with Colorful Tab.