Problem with Social API Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This theme doesn't support the social api. We can't open facebook conversation when we use this theme. This is really problematic for people like me who are just using facebook as tchat.

Could you resolve this problem ?

There's also a problem with facebook icons in the top bar, i could upload a screenshot if you want.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (16.1). 

It does have support, in the new version

The theme actually *does* now support the *brand new* social API newly introduced in Firefox 17.

We just made a release — it hasn't finished going through the approval process on the add-ons team. (Please cut us and the Mozilla Add-ons team a little slack; we're doing things as quickly as possible, and most of us are doing this in our spare time.)

It was only about a week between the Firefox 17 release and our theme's support for the brand new feature. The timing of the Firefox 17 release was a bit bad, as I was personally swamped with deadlines at work, so I apologize for my delay in merging the new features in what little bit of free time I could find. Like every release, we did have a tracking milestone for Firefox.

If you'd like to run the release, but don't want to wait for the approval process, you can download the XPI (which is the same as the one submitted to Mozilla) at:

If you use the above XPI, you will _not_ get automatic updates, and _will_ have to manually install the theme however. (Of course, you can replace it with the one provided here on Add-ons when it's approved.)

As we're a small team, sometimes life & work interferes a bit with adding new features immediately*. We gladly welcome new contributors. You can help us out at github by sending pull requests (or patches) our way @ — even just filing and commenting on issues (in a constructive way) on the github issue tracker helps.

(* Generally, we try to stay ahead of new releases, merging in changes from betas, so we're ready when Firefox is. Since I'm the only one on the team with a Facebook account (but don't use it that much), and I'm also the one who usually merges the bulk of upstream changes, when I'm busy travelling or swamped with work deadlines, as the case this past release... sometimes we may fall behind by a few days. I personally apologize for the delay; I do try to carve out what little free time I have to work on this theme. Last few releases have been ready when the Firefox release has. We'll aim for that in the future again, of course.)