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  • Menus are unclickable, trying to remove it has almost costed me a full FF reset
  • :(
  • Very nice extension. To bad it is not being updated.
    In the mean time there is a workaround for the menu issue.

  • This was a beautiful addon (hence the 5 stars), but currently it makes FF 50 unusable :(

    Specifically, it makes everything in the hamburger menu unclickable, everything in a single column, sprites not rendering correctly, and generally a huge mess, which makes firefox want to be so wide it stretches off the screen.

    Please fix soon~ thanks.
  • If you want to use it in Firefox 48+
    Use this extension:

    It deactivates the compatibility check so you can activate the Theme. I just tested it and it works.
  • i can't imagine using firefox without this theme; it is way too ugly (especially on a gnome desktop).

    pleaaseeeee update (along with gnome-thunderbird)
  • I can't live without this.
    Please update for firefox 48.
  • Not works with firefox 48 :-(
  • (Y)
  • Firefox looked crappy without this for too long in gnome3. Now it looks audacious !!!!!

    I never knew this addon existed. Please try to promote this to the user during / after installation. Users should somehow know that this exists.
  • It looks nice especially with tweak add-on but scroll bar very often disappears. For example when I use Twitter and many other sites.
  • Almost perfect! With some web sites the main vertical scrollbar is not always shown though (I'm using it on Linux). For example: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/APIReference/API_DescribeAvailabilityZones.html
  • Looks great
  • Amazing, makes Firefox looks consistent on GNOME. Hopefully the devs keep updating this.
  • Scrollbars disappeared under Firefox 46 when using these theme
  • Even better with HTitle and Gnome Theme Tweak.
  • Perfect theme!! Will it support firefox 45+?
  • This is an incredible theme for Firefox to use in Gnome 3. But unfortunately it doesn't work anymore in Firefox 45.

    There will be an update, please?

    Thanks in advance!
  • This theme looks uniform with gnome's default theme. No bug found yet. I will suggest every user of gnome install this theme! Thank the author!
  • firefox looks well on Windows but always looked a bit meh! on Linux desktops... this is not perfect but it does look a lot better on GNOME 3.18
  • This theme fits really well with the gnome shell.
    I would just wish to have a dark version to match the gnome global-dark theme.
    I hope options like these will be implemented via Gnome Theme Tweaker oder just as a second theme from the same developers.
  • A great theme that makes a difference, but the UI is still going to be subtly different from native Gnome applications.
  • Must have Install if you use GNOME!

    very well integrated
  • This theme its great! it makes firefox look like a core gnome app <3
    Developers please add an icon for the 'Save to Pocket' button. It is only thing that is missing for the theme to be complete.

    I suggest to get the HTitle (hides title bar) and Gnome Theme Tweak add ons for the full gnome experience.
  • It should be the default firefox UI