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  • I have been using this addon for years and was very satisfied with it. in fact, I'd like to thank the developer for it.

    However, I tested it with Firefox 57 Beta and it does not work ( which is no surprise as Firefox will only load addons that use WebExtension APIs ). As the latest version is from June 2009, it is probable that this addon is no longer maintained.

    There are a already a few alternatives that work with FF57. The one that I chose is 'Selection Context Search'. Another option is 'Context Search'.
  • In Firefox 54, it couldnot pop the context menu. What a pity!
  • Anytime I have to rebuild a system, this is the first add-on installed after installing FireFox. I would like to see a way to back-up and restore the entries. I currently copy & paste to and from a text file which for nearly a hundred URL's is tedious and time consuming, though far less so than typing them all in from scratch. My one complaint is that the "folder" function doesn't seem to work. It allows me to create one folder and put one URL into that folder, but that's it. If I try to create additional folders, they disappear as soon as I leave the options dialog box. If I had either created or moved any URL's into the new folder, they too are gone when I exit the options dialog box. If I try to create or moved any URL's into the one folder it does allow me to create beyond the first, it will disappear ALL of the URL's in that folder, leaving just a blank folder. With as many URL's as I am using, having the ability to organize them by folder would be very useful - if it would only work. I have tried many attempts on many occasions, such as after an update, but it still doesn't work. In spite of this bug, this is still THE #1 MOST USEFUL ADD-ON for FireFox.
  • Please update this so that it is compatible with latest Firefox versions.
  • INDISPENSABLE!! Almost never do I surf the net without using this at least a few times per session. I rely on it frequently for looking up info on Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB, YouTube, and in various dictionaries. I would hate to ever have to go without this add-on. I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 though, because there are still a couple features that would improve it for me:
    I'd like to be able to easily save all my sites for easy transfer to another computer (my laptop to my account in the family desktop), via some sort of cloud function or simple quick data file copy-paste, for instance.
    I'd like the option to open multiple windows at once. For instance, when I look up a word, I'd like each of the three different dictionaries I've added to open simultaneously, instead of having to re-open the list and select each of them one at a time.
  • Love this add on for FF.. It has taken the place of the now no longer updated Termblaster. Please please please keep this updated for ever as i don't know what i would do without it!

    One quick request.. When you do update it , could you possibly do so in a way in which all my sites have little site icons in the context menu? Not essential but would be nice.

    Thank you very much ;)

  • This add-on is very useful! It lets me easily look up words in dictionaries, look up addresses in Google Maps, and translate text, among other possibilities.

    This add-on's functionality is similar to the DictionarySearch add-on, but with some extra features, such as the option to open the results in a new window rather than a tab. It also uses a subfolders in the context menu, whereas DictionarySearch puts everything at the top level of the menu, which can make it cluttered.

    - If using the option to show results in a new window, any pipe symbols in the URL can cause a problem. So replace them by %7C.
    For example, for Google Translate, use this URL:

    - The selected text gets truncated, due to the add-on's use of the getBrowserSelection() function. Updating the code to instead use content.getSelection() avoids the text being truncated. I'm using Firefox 8, so I can't guarantee that function would work in earlier versions.
  • This was one of my favourite addons on previous versions of Firefox. The last update was about 2 years ago and I doubt the author will update it. I started working on a Firefox 4 version instead, with a few optimizations.

    Developer response

    It works fine with FF4 right now, however I have started work on making it use some of the new features.
  • Would be even better if it worked with FF4.0...
  • This is what I have been wanting for such a long time! I looked longingly at the "search for... with Google" context menu item wishing that there were other options, and now there are. I totally love this extension! I don't know how I managed without it. My wish list for this extension is if you could possibly make a way that you could backup or export the saved searches so that they can easily be retrieved when setting up a new profile etc. And if there could be a way to automatically add new search strings without having to copy and paste (perhaps a right click "add to Advanced URL Builder" would save a bit of time. And some icons would be fab! One of my most favourite extensions! Thank you
  • I am in love with this add-on! It's like a Jesus add-on in that it performs miracles! lol
  • This add-on is like a Quad Damage power-up for Firefox. :D It is the first add-on you should install, and the first reason for installing Firefox.

    You can highlight an e-mail address and start your default e-mail program with the address already entered by using the URL extension "mailto:". That's it; that's all. While firing up an email it will also try to open a tab in Firefox with the address in the URL bar. Perhaps we need a fifth, "Do nothing" option in the Misc Open URL settings...
  • Has replaced numerous other add-ons. I use it for everything from Wiki or IMDB lookups to getting directions from google maps. Have used it for ages and wouldn't replace it
  • James you have no idea how much this add-on is going to help make my job faster! A process of 10 steps will now be dwindled down to 4. We owe ya buddy!

  • Love it. Saves me so much time. I constantly am using third party web sites looking things up either by text string or some kind of identifier, often plus other delimiters. If I am reading a scientific paper and I see something that looks like a gene name that I am not familiar with, I can highlight the name and with a click find the NCBI's Entrez Gene page for the human, mouse and rat versions of the gene. And about 30 other things... Many thanks and much appreciated.
  • Great extension. Any way to open two URLs simultaneously, e.g. google search and wikipedia?
  • This has to be among the most under-recognized add-ons out there. Fantastic time- and click-saver, so much so that after some easy set-up you'll likely search a lot more -- with the CONTROL you want as well.

    For example, here's one of my several entries, which automatically searches (with the right-click context menu) for any highlighted text in Avax:


    You can perform actions besides search as well. This sends any selected URL to Google Translate with "detect language" to English:


    I used to do the same thing in IE with IE7Pro. Very happy this add-on provides the capability to FF.
  • I like this a lot for things I use frequently (e.g. Google Search) since it is independent of what happen to be selected in my Firefox Search Engine (if not already selected there then it is 4 clicks away from the time I realize I have to change it).

    However, as it is now it opens a new tab - in this example Google search - and nicely fills in whatever I had highlighted. However, I still have to click to actually conduct the search (I'm using FF 3.6.3).
    Is there any way for you to include that step? (i.e. that's what I get when connecting to the IMDB database using https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12198/)

    Developer response

    Hi, this sounds like a problem with the URL you have specified. For Google the URL should be something like: http://www.google.com/search?&q=
    That works fine for me.
    Please email me if this does not work.
  • This would be exactly what I wanted if I could get it to work with the US Google maps that has satellite images instead of the UK version.

    Developer response

    The URL for google maps that comes pre-build with the extension is for maps.google.co.uk, which is why you are getting UK results. Just go to options and edit the URL to be .com, that should solve your problem.
  • Excellent add-on --- I've been looking for something like for some time to complement the searchbastard toolbar. Many thanks
  • Great extension! Is is possible to (significantly) increase the accepted length of the search string? I often want to send a paragraph (or 2) to Google Translate, and it appears that the selected amount is being truncated by the code of the extension.
  • If your like me after creating a list of favorite searches & you'll seldom use any other method. Highlight text, right click select Google/Google images/Wikipedia/...
  • Hi James,
    Great addon! The only thing I miss are favicons. Would it be possible to add these?

  • Hello James.
    Please take a look at my post here:

    Is it possible to add these things on-the-fly.

    Developer response

    As the thread says, that type of thing is probably better handled by a greasemonkey script
  • It is a nice addon but I think it should be easier to add a new search, another addon I tried (samfind) you just do a search for QUERY1 and then copy/paste the resulting URL into the addon.
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