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  • very good thanks
  • Amazing Ive been using it for maybe a year and some months now.
  • 광고를 완벽히 차단하니 정말 좋아요
  • The best adblocker for firefox hands down. 100%. Its already a good blocker but what i like the most it has a great custom filter system. i can inspect any element on my screen and just pick any random combination of letters/words in the link/name of that element put that word in the custom filter and after refresh its gone. Some links contain ad website names and you can just write those names in the filter and it blocks all the ads from that site. Awesome. I use pop up blocker in conjunction with Adguard and it makes my browsing experience the most pleasurable i ever had. Thank you!
  • Je me sens en totale confiance avec A.A.Blocker : 1- par l'expérience vécue au quotidien depuis l'achat. 2- par la description claire du fonctionnement et des spécifications des différentes composantes de A.AdBlocker.
  • Good