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  • Est-il possible de configurer l'extension pour s’entraîner avec un clavier bépo ?
  • Best extension for PC,Thanks
  • Great extension for pc
  • I was hoping to be able to use this for practicing Esperanto but the "backspace on errors" function means you can't use it with the Tajpi utility that allows entering accented characters.

    I also don't like typing programs that only show one line of source and one line of input; that is not what real typing is usually like.

    Still, I haven't found anything free that lets you practice Esperanto typing and tracks your rate.
  • very nice go for it
  • A very useful and prudent add-on!
  • very nice
  • approved
  • Thanks for this intersting addon. It really does make Firefox feel more like an OS than a browser now! I like how you can copy and paste your own text and use it to practise typing. Once thing I would like to see on the next version though is a "0" option for automatic backspace as I like to manually correct my errors.
  • If you want to learn typing look no further
  • Bon outil, simple et intuitif.
    Serait-il possible de choisir des caractères plus grand que taille 24 ? 48 à 60 ; il s'agit d'adapter l'interface graphique pour des personnes très malvoyantes.
  • This Addon is Great because it allows people to learn more about typing. Great Job.
  • The exercises are made for key-boards with qwerty set-up. Is it possible to adjust it to other key-board set-up like svorak?
  • i like it
  • It messes with my fire.fm extension. It makes the preview of the song look much bigger..!
  • Thanks for this wonderful add-on. It has helped me to get out of my 10 year's habit of hunt and peck typing and learn touch typing very quickly.
  • This does not feature any out of the box Dvorak support.
  • Works with Firefox 3.0.4.
    You can design character lessons (great for numbers and symbols).
    Short lessons means you don't get bored. You can find finger positioning charts elsewhere.
  • have lots of fun with this & it seems to b improving my typing skills. Thank tom for creating this addon
  • When are you going to update it so it works on F3? I used this all the time with F2, and I was hoping I could use it again soon. It was very helpful for school.
  • When's this gonna come out for F3? I'm really looking forward to it.
  • bardzo przydatny jednak dostępny tylko do wersji 2 :(
  • Dommage mais il n'a pas de leçon de placement des doigts!
    Bref c'est juste un jeu de vitesse dce frappe.

    What's a pity, There is no lesson where to place ones fingers!!
  • This add-on is what I need for learning keyboarding on the go.
  • It is a very good addon. I liked it very much. I train touch typing with it and more it is in my best browser.
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