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  • Alternative addon for FFQuantum: Download with Transmission
    URL must contain at the end: /rpc!
  • Would be nice to have on Firefox 57
  • Great plugin! Would be perfect if there were option to choose default filepath and two different menu items.
  • I installed some time ago and has been working so well that I took it for granted! I hope it will continue to work on the newer Firefox versions.
  • Happy user of this module for a long while, I have a question ^^
    This extension will be updated to be fully compatible with Firefox and multiprocess arch ?
  • Could make it work for the second transmission server? I got 2 seedboxes. I can help with extending.
  • Works like magic. No extra fuzz, no unnecessary windows: just context menu button and tooltip with status.
  • Like others, I like a lot this extension, it saves a lot of copy and paste links, but the added torrents via this addon are paused, not queued or autostart, when conventional added torrents autostart.
  • It is an awesome extension, but every torrent/magnet I add is paused. I have "start when added" checked in transmission-web settings. What am I missing?
  • Perfectly do the job.
  • Works perfectly on my local server running transmission. If you are having problems getting it to work make sure you have the appropriate whitelist settings in your transmission settings.json file.
  • I had to select, show at all links, but that's fine by me :).
  • This is a great little tool for quickly sending torrents to a remote seedbox. The configuration can get a little hairy, but it's not too bad. It's simple and works well. I'd highly recommend it!
  • Works perfect, saves a lot of clicks and copy/paste
    @nimd4 transmission-gtk is completely different to transmission-cli/daemon.
  • Thanks, it works perfect!

    To get it to work, make sure the url you enter in the plugin preferences is like this: "http://SERVER ADDRESS:8181/transmission/rpc/' (for SERVER ADDRESS you should off course enter the ipadres or url of the server)
  • Transmission has a page @ https://trac.transmissionbt.com/wiki/MagnetLinks && also, there's another easy solution (without using this add-on): http://askubuntu.com/questions/122930/how-to-make-firefox-open-magnet-links-in-transmission
  • Works well, but I did have the same as others I got an unknown error, but it was just missing the port. It should look something like this if 9091 is your port: http://hostname.com:9091/transmission/rpc
  • Got it working with no issues. Excellent addon.
  • took me a while to get it working as i didn't realise the url should end /rpc/ not /web/ any chance of a port to firefox mobile
  • I have the exact same problem.. I wish the error reporting was better on this plugin.. anyone ever able to fix this.
    Make sure you can reach the URL you've entered, by manually accessing it via Firefox. The URL should be something like and when you go there, you should be asked to log in.
  • Always get "Unknown error". How to debug?
    I have Win8 and FF 15.0.1
    I tried on two different servers with Transmission.
    See the response to djlax152. If it doesn't work, please make a new issue here (https://github.com/zanmato/Add-to-Transmission/issues) with more information, like the URL you are using etc.
  • Really nice addon. Thx to the author. Just two little missing things : handle the https connexions to the client and catch the file directly by clicking on the link (like SabNZBdfox for newsgroup). Thx again :-)
  • Simple & effective.

    I take off one star just because the bubble is really annoying, it would have been great to have a configurable positioning, or at least the ability to disable it in the preferences.
    I can't make it possible to disable it, but I will look into the positioning.
  • Does not work on Windows 8
    I've tested it on Windows 8, it does work.
    Please check your settings!
  • i love it but could you add an icon for the contextual menu, that would be awesome, make the entry flash out and stuff
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