699 reviews for this add-on
  • Great app, the functionality should be built-in to Firefox. Still works fine in Waterfox.
  • Was a GREAT add ons on old firefox but sadly not available on the new firefox :((
  • It's very convinient for search dictionaries or other site (ex Amazon).
    I'd like to use it on quantum, too.
  • Perfect and very useful.
    The only problem:
    Need an update for Firefox Quantum......
  • was a great addon but no support new firefox. any alternative? NEEEEEEEEED ASAP
  • This is a great add on, unfortunately it's currently disabled in the current version of Firefox. I know it hasn't been updated in a while, but I hope the creator finds time to get it compatible.
  • Needed by all (needed on Firefox Quantum!...please!) simple linking of any and all sites' searches right on your Firefox, right next to you, the whole time: productivity +1000%.
  • pliss update for firefox quantum
    any replacement????
  • Нужно всего один первый раз, но этот раз даёт всё, чего так не хватало! :)
  • Its Great!
  • It just works. It works very well and does what I need it to without being overcomplicated.
  • was a great addon but no support new firefox. any alternative?
  • Please make sure that the plug-in works in version 59
  • useful extension. Need support 57+
  • I found a replacement for this excellent module with BurningMoth AddSearch.
  • another casualty of Firefox latest version.. needs an update ASAP!
  • "ContextSearch web-ext" https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/contextsearch-web-ext/ now can "Add Custom Search"
  • It was such a great, great feature prior to Quantum Update. Simple to use; efficient.
    I miss this feature.
  • could you please upgrade this fantastic add-on to 58. please please please please please please please please please please please please
  • Please upgrade to 58!!!!
  • Excellent !! 12 on a scale of 1 - 10.

    It's seems to me most folks will just stick with whatever search engines their browser provides. And I'll bet that Mozilla doesn't want us to manage our search engines like this, because of the money involved.

    "The bulk of the $520 million in revenue for the Mozilla Foundation came from royalty payments, with most of that coming, as usual, from deals struck for the default search engine spot in Firefox."

    reference: computerworld.com/article/3240008
  • great extension but don't work with the latest version of firefox. please upgrade to 58
  • This is among the most useful addons that I have added .For the love of the world please update to FF57
  • Works great in Basilisk 2018.01.05
    This is such a useful addon.
  • what a pity it does not work in quantum any more