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Hi backy0175,

the underlying idea of this addon is GREAT, but I honestly believe the implementation is suboptimal.

Let me elaborate, without installing any addon ... I can select a keywork ... then Ctrl (C + K + V) and Enter ... which is close to your offer ( without interfering menus on the screen ) .

One of the AMAZING feeling of your other addon "Shortcut Keys for Google Search" is that in a no-invasive way (no interfering menus on the screen ) , everything is one shortcut away. If I understand correctly, you do not offer a direct shortcut key because shortcut interactions with Firefox and other addons ... that's fine.

I will expose what I do with other addon, "Quick Translator" ; you can select some text and then do ( Alt + Ctrl + T ) , which is the shortcut default, and a small pop-up window appears showing the translation. That's fine too, but I needed a more seamless workflow ... something similar to "Shortcut Keys for Google Search" ... and with simpler key combination. I then installed "Customizable shortcuts" addon and tuned my workflow ... instead of doing ( Alt + Ctrl + T ), now I get the translations using just 'F10' ... and if I break something asigning 'F10' shortcut to "Quick Translator" ... that's just my responsability ... I haven't have any problem with that by the way.

What I just mean is that you could offer a default shortcut, one strange enough not to interfere with anything obvious ... then if a user like me want to customize the shortcut, that's not your responsability if anything breaks up, but user's.

I am just a Firefox user (not a developer) , expressions like " var selectedText = getBrowserSelection(); if (selectedText) { BrowserSearch.loadSearchFromContext(selectedText);} " to me is like reading sanskrit .

I am sorry for the long piece.

Thanks a lot.