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  • Dont work

  • Не отображается поиск в новой вкладке!

  • Não sei o que faria sem vocês agradeço!

  • does exactly as stated, now I don't have to navigate to Google manually.

  • Does absolutely nothing!

  • Hello, I have tried downloading this plug in but keep getting this message: Microsoft Office cannot open this file because there are problems with its content or parts are missing. Can anyone advise me on this?


  • Creative and Convenient.

  • I agree with Guastardo. The option to choose other search engines would be an excellent improvement. Another improvement would be the option to change the default focus to the url bar. Otherwise, a very useful addon.

  • I like this extension, which in my opinion got a great potential: it could make completely unnecessary keep the standard search bar.

    A suggestion: it would be great if in a future version there will be the possibility to add freely OTHER search engines, like happens in the standard search bar.

  • Really interesting place to put a Google search!

  • Great extension. thank you

  • After opening (with keyboard) a new tab, the focus (cursor) is NOT in the search-bar!
    I still have to grab the mouse, click in the search-line, let go of mouse, go back to keyboard.
    Could as well have clicked on the Homepage icon in firefox toolbar.
    Can it be helped? Focus for typing in the search bar? (my homepage is Google search.

  • this addon is very good

  • Good place to have a search box. Ive emailed you to ask for approval to modify this addon to use other search engines, hope to hear from you soon.

    and Ali, checkout "Customize about:newtab" itll let you add image backgrounds to the new tab page, also increase/reduce the number of speed dial spots. and also simple to setup

  • make it more beautiful than now ... /:)

  • Really nice and simple! It shows addons don't have to be complicated to be worth having.

  • Hi guy! Works in my XP SP3 with FF21.0. Very useful when i have pasted some text in the search-bar that i don't want to loose.

    A• integrate ALL my current installed search engines.
    B• replace the "search with google" with search engine's favicon.
    C• replace the "Search" button with an icon.
    D• scroll my search engines by scrolling the mouse wheel only in any blank area of the about:newtab (to make compatible with "Wheelclear" add-on)
    E• also select search engine by popup menu when click in the favicon. (like native search-bar)
    F• popup menu compatible with folders (see "Organize Search Engines" add-on)
    G• option to show the search engine name in the input field.
    H• option to put the favicon and the "Search" icon button inside or outside the input field.
    I• option to choose the input field colors (font and background) (useful to give the user the freedom to maintain harmony with stylished About:newtabs)

    At least the first suggestion, will gonna make your add-on more versatile and much more useful yet, cuz at this moment (version 1.0.2), your add-on could be considered partially useful.
    Anyway, your add-on works. That's what i give you five stars.

  • It's useful when i want to search anything on google search ... Very like it

  • very useful for me,using new tab for google search and use location bar to another search.

  • Extremely useless - why do wee need Google search on every piece of interface (browsers, tabs, desktop, websites and 100000000 more ! The idea is o.k. and I don't mind but it's pointless as possible . Needles ad-one - no doubt. Very disappointed :( but what to expect from well-known and omnipresent searching engine ? Just another variation....

  • Not need. The Firefox address bar is more than enough. So we call it awesome bar.

  • The idea of this addon is good. But I'd like an option to not allow the google search bar take focus everytime I open about:newtab. I prefer the cursor to remain on my address bar.

  • Simple but usefull

  • Seems to bring up A Babylon search page in my new tab. Did firefox ban or block Google toolbars ect?

  • simply wonderful addon.kudos to developer

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