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  • Very nice easy to use !
  • I had to use this because just adding startpage.com as the default search engine in Firefox for Android didn't work correctly; when selecting text and then selecting "StartPage.com Search" option only opened a blank startpage without the query. Using this add-on, I was able to add https://www.startpage.com/search/?q=%s and now searching for selected text opens a startpage with the query!
  • Awesome addon. Works perfectly :)
  • Excellent! My only problem with it is that the added search engines don't get synced by Firefox, so you have to manually add them again if you uninstall and reinstall the browser.
  • Very useful. Awesome.
  • Da pra add quantos mecanismos de pesquisa quiser aos padrões do firefox (q já deveria deixar add por padrão)
  • I'm really happy with this addon. It's very easy to use. I only had one issue, so far — I tried to add an .ico file as the icon and for some reason it didn't work. But, I tried adding it another way (I downloaded it to my computer and then browsed to add it) and then it worked. I've used the searches without any issues thus far. It's exactly what I wanted and needed. It really adds on the functionality that I was looking for. Thank you very much to the developers! :)