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  • Was great when it worked. Nowadays, I get an error each time I try to add a new search engine: "Firefox could not download the search plugin from:
    https://file.io/XXXXXX". I have switched to the "Search Engines Helper" which also uses file.io, but works fine on my system.

    UPDATE: in response to dev's question: I can visit that file.io page with no problem. The Search Engines Helper addon also uses file.io as yours does, but it works for me.

    UPDATE 2: Note that I can actually manually access the file.io URL that the "download error" dalog gives me by entering it in the URL bar -- I see the source of the XML file. Hope that helps!

    UPDATE 3: After updating to new version (1.8), all is working properly again, so I have revised my lowered rating to reflect my true opinion of this very useful add-on.
    This probably means you are getting blocked by file.io, does this https://file.io/?expires=1d say "Too many requests" ?

    Edit: Can you test version 1.8? If it still doesn't work please go to https://github.com/evilpie/add-custom-search-engine/issues so I can debug this a bit easier. Thank you!
  • This is the simplest and also the best extension of its kind, and the only ready-made solution for custom search engines since pre-Quantum times. The icon feature is excellent. As mentioned previously, the ability to export settings would make this even better. Thanks for this solid add-on!
  • Perfect !
  • Love it! Life-saver
  • Doesn't seem to do anything.
    There's no options button for it in the addon menu.
    There's nothing in the search options.
    How are you supposed to use this addon to add a search engine?
    And why dafuq you don't tell us how?
    I hope I made this a bit clearer now. You can also use the options button in about:addons now.
  • best
  • For some reason, I had not seen the blue magnifying glass the first time around. This time it worked and I managed to add the search engine that other add-ons could not add properly.
    The blue magnifying glass icon should be on the right of your URL or search bar, click on that. If you have too many items you might need to click the overflow marker >>>. Otherwise please open an issue on github and describe your problem in more detail.
  • Does what it says. Would be nice to have an export function too, for easy website implementation/AMO upload.
  • В Firefox 64.0b6 x64 под Windows 10 работает, но приходится все вводить ручками, а не визуально, без использования клавиатуры, как это реализовано в аналогичных дополнениях.
  • Hi, I've noticed that on Nightly extension no longer works (guess because Mozilla deprecated some part of the code). Do you have a solution on fixing this?
  • Currently broken: "TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.[Learn More]" when adding a new engine.
    I assume file.io was temporary unavailable. If this problem continues please contact me via https://github.com/evilpie/add-custom-search-engine/issues/new
  • Does what needs to do pretty well except it doesn't support POST method for search engines like startpage.com for example.
    I actually had this planned for a while. I uploaded a new version that supports this.
  • Very simple to use and works perfectly.
  • Works exactly like I want! So flawless! I am picky because so many add-ons I have tried did not work as smoothly as I had hoped. This did the steps perfectly even though I was doubtful at first. Thanks Tom!
  • Uses external service file.io
    I expected this to work completely offline, but it uses external service, which does have its own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, by the way. Just read the source code of the addon, and T&C with PP of file.io to see if you're OK with that before using this addon.
    Sadly there is no other way to get Firefox to accept a custom search engine, unless it's hosted on a HTTP/HTTPs website. I thought it was already quite obvious that the extension uses file.io, but I am working on making this even more obvious.
  • So cool!
    I thank you in (almost) all languages of the world.
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  • Great. It coud be useful to have a contextual menu with right clic on the search box of the websites to add it more easely to the custom search engine. Have you thought to do it?
  • THIS IS PERFECT! This is the ONLY thing keeping me from switching to Firefox from Chrome, and I wasn't able to find it a week ago. Now, it is here, and it works just as well as Chrome. I can type my keyword, then hit the spacebar, and suddenly I'm searching in my Google Custom Search Engine.

  • GOOD
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