259 reviews for this add-on
  • This extension is a must-to-have, unfortunately it doesn't work on Waterfox 56.
    The suggested changes in the Waterfox forum are not satisfactory at all.
    Please, update Add Bookmark Here ²
  • Amazingly well done add-on, highly configurable, works great in Cyberfox and Pale Moon, many thanks!
  • Hope for update soon...
  • Erhöht den Komfort, Effizienz & Effektivität enorm beim Anlegen neuer Bookmarks! :-)
  • for people looking for a replacement for this, check out https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bookmark-tab-here/
  • Great addon, please port it to WebExtensions.
  • Comodissima estensione. Non vedo l'ora che venga portata su firefox quantum.
    It is a great extension. Please port it to firefox quantum.
  • I can't thank you enough for this wonderful add-on! It's one of the most useful pieces of software I've ever used. It greatly increases my productivity and organization. You have rightfully earned this praise. I'm using this on Basilisk. To everyone who says they can't use it on FF anymore: ditch FF and use Basilisk instead!!!
  • 大哥~~麻烦更新一下啊~~没有这个插件,整个人都不好了啊!
  • I'm missing it. I need it in my daily work and can't do without it. Please update it. We are eagerly waiting for this addons.
  • This was great help, until it stopped working with Quantum. Please upgrade. I miss it even more I thought I would.
  • This was great. As time goes on, I miss it more. Set a purchase amount and I'll kick in to help you afford to develop the next generation app.
  • I use this add on many years ...and love it!!(I can´t without them :)
    My Firefox is incomplete without this little bit of speed & order!
    pls pls pls make us a update for FF Quantum
    btw: Thank you so lot for making my firefox all these years perfect ♥
  • Great add-on, but doesnt work for FF above 57 :( We are waiting for new version :)
    For FF59+ users - try this one, only basic funcionality, but works (for now you must have at least FF59 beta)
  • superb !!!!
  • please update
  • This seems to be the only extension that allows you to expand the window of the bookmark folder structure so that I do not have keep scrolling to add a bookmark to my extensive list of folders. Please update for Quantum!
    PS this should have been a feature in Qantum
  • 很喜欢这个功能,可惜57版不支持了
  • Great add-on! I like it so much and it's hard to be replaced. Why can't it fit the firefox quantum and what the hell the quantum is? So many great add-ons can't be used because of the quantum thing. Firefox pushed me to download a chrome...
  • 1 of the Best Add on for Firefox, this should be a default thing in firefox Bookmark
  • Sigh. I was really liking the new Firefox until I realized this addon no longer works. I am in the process of importing my bookmarks back into Chrome as we speak, because honestly, it handles adding bookmarks to the bookmark bar much better. If you haven't used Chrome lately, I recommend giving it a try.
  • Served me well so far. Unfortunately it is not compatible with Firefox 56+. For those looking for a similar extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/quick_bookmark_to_folder/
  • For those missing Add Bookmark Here 2, I'd suggest taking a look at 'Default Bookmark Folder' by Teddy Gustiaux. https://github.com/teddy-gustiaux/default-bookmark-folder
  • I really miss this extension. Some UI extensions are really useful. This should have been built into Firefox.
  • Please update this add-on to firefox quantum; it is very, very, very useful ! Merci beaucoup !