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  • Please update I actualy liked this but i have a newer version can only use with version 4 or 4 i guess

  • Zéro il m'a désactivé les protections que j'avais mis
    pour les pub de facebook .

  • STILL DOES NOT WORK!! I'm pissed!! am I being locked out because I refuse to pay some "suggested donation" for a product that hasn't worked in half a year?? FIX THIS!! I've updated ABP (twice), tried to download the updated version of this, and it STILL doesn't recognize having ABP on my system. What a POS.

  • Any1 that used AdBlock Plus should like the Ad Change add-on. But recently, their has been incompatibility glitches for the ad change with adblock plus v1.31. Well I'll be happy 2 e-mail any1 whose been having problems, cuz' Thibaud MATHIEU sent me the latest update ad change v1.2

  • Would you please to implement an option to load and show the original Ad by a click on image ?
    It would be great to use it like a "flashblock"- replacement and for images and media too !!!

    Thank you in advance!

  • -5 stars. Great idea, very poor execution. Whenever you add, edit, or delete ANY add-on's and restart Firefox, this add-on states that it needs AdBlock Plus to run and takes you to the page to install it. Only problem is, it's already installed and works fine.

  • 1) Flickr photos are broken, only reason I wanted this. Sits at "0/? images" never downloading photos.
    2) AdChange 1.0.1 is the newest listed when you search addons, if you click 'find updates' it says there are none, but I searched manually to find 1.1.1 is out. Equally mysterious is there is a comment from someone who had my same problem as #1 but it says 'review for old version 1.1.1" I cannot find anything newer than 1.1.1
    3) many typos in the settings page, french amateur coder

  • Awesome program! Finally i can see sexy babes allover the websites instead of booring ads XD
    But there is one thing that could be improved, an option where you can disable the "mouse-over to show full pic" and a function so it won't display low-res images on high-res ad places.

  • Probably the best add-on there is! Ugly ads with close-ups on fat stomachs telling you to lose weight and flashing distracting banners are replaced by my images from psychedelic art collection. Refreshing and positive artwork, instead of commercial crap; now that has got to be good for you mentally! Great add-on.

  • The only reason I installed this is so I could use the flickr import option. I've got AB+ running on my work laptop (running Ubuntu 10.04) and it would be great to see my own photos instead of just the blanks that AB+ leaves. Anyway, seems like a brilliant idea for an app! Bon idee.

  • Pas mal, très bonne idée et ça marche bien. Je ne met que 4 étoiles car il n'y a pas d'option pour enlever l'icône et elle revient à chaque démarrage si on l'enlève avec l'outil personnaliser de Firefox.

  • And great idea which can be made even better, problem is, I can't contact the developer to let him know about suggested improvements. No contact info on the website, is that add on discontinued?

  • This actually does work, my mistake. But it makes Firefox freeze up all the time, mostly when opening new links and homepage. Please update this so it won't do that anymore.

  • This is not working. Can somebody help me? I have everything set right.

  • Like johnnymcnugget, I could not get the Flickr keyword image search to work. It just hangs at "loading images, please wait" showing 0/? images loaded...any ideas?

  • Just one thing i hate about this addon. I can't hide the AdChange icon from appearing on browser toolbar. I was trying to hide the icon using customize toolbar but after i restart the browser, it appears again and again. Please make an option to hide it.

  • Just one thing i hate about this addon. I can't hide the AdChange icon from appearing on browser toolbar. I was try hide the icon using customize toolbar but after i restart the browser, it appear again and again. Please make option to hide it.

  • This has amazing potential to change advertisements for the better. Adblock should be totally manual, no presets, so that we choose what stupid advertisements to block, and THIS can be used to replace them with world-helping organizations to get more revenue for their causes. For the sake of going green, ending hunger, or whatever you support, this needs to be bigger, better, and nicer. This is a fantastic idea. It needs to go places badly.

  • It was pretty good at first, then I realized it causes some sites to crash at random times, and other times it makes the site mess up for some reason, so I disabled it.

  • This is a great addon. Here is a good source for ad replacements: https://www.adbusters.org/gallery/spoofads

  • "Firefox could not install the file at


    because: Signing could not be verified.

  • LOVE IT! Instead of seeing ads, I see pics from my vacation trip. One of my favorite addons.

  • Great job!! This is definitely one of my favourite extensions as it keeps me smiling whilst I'm working. It's too cool to see my favourite pics instead of the annoying pubblicity. I love the resize option too! Keep it up!

  • The Flickr keyword didn't seem to work for me. Never loaded up any images, even though searching for the keyword (typography) brought up a lot of images on flickr.com. Its not clear how that should be formatted to make it work.

    I like the idea though.

  • Kinda cool if you got a fast pc and a small pic folder. would be nice to turn off the resize effect by hovering above the image. always pops up while surfing. (or a shortcut would be nice) thx keep up the great work!

    Developer response

    The option to not expand images when hovering on them have been added (V1.1) but it's not yet public.

    Enjoy and thanks for your feedback

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