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  • How do I uninstall this? I've read the instructions per Mozilla and I can't find the disable button or uninstall buttons. Please help!!! Hated what it did to my page.
  • It didnt work CRAP CRAP
  • This didn't work, It was a load of c*** and just made firefox a whole lot slower. I read a review saying this and thought whatever but it really is crap.
  • not useful
  • Doesn't work. After installing this ad on I can see all facebook ads and Firefox is considerably slower. Sorry, but don't see why I should donate money to something that doesn't work.
  • facebook's design changed under my cursor the other night; the bar across the top of the pages looked the way i was familiar with, i clicked a link to a different page, and met with a completely redesigned facebook. and i suspect that's about the time this add-on stopped working.
  • Unfortunately it doesn't work.
  • I have had no problems and NO ADS! This would be MY #1 must have on my list.
  • It worked well for a few days, after which (1) Firefox started sending [textarea] fault notifications in Facebook, and (2) Ad-Bye stopped working. Pity — it looked promising.
  • Not Working
  • It worked perfectly when I first downloaded it last week, but has since ceased to function, explaining my *** review. Is there something I need to do to re-enable it (setting is "On" and I checked for updates... none available)? All appears well in my FF14 Add-Ons. Any/all suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
  • Update it for 4..0!
  • I loved this application for a while until Firefox updated. Now, as I try to use FB I am slowed down and have to refresh the page 3 or 4 times before I can use any link on the site. I've tried to disable various add-on's to verify which and the only one that seems to lock Facebook down is AdBye. I understand that AdBye only works up to FF 3.6 and look forward to any improvements in the future. Hopefully. This is a wonder application, keep it up.
  • it works as long as it stays downloaded. I will open FB on any given day and the ads are back and it no longer is in my add-on list. So I reinstall. Works great for awhile, and again the add-on disappears after a week or so.
  • great work, thanks!
  • The new version 1.01 is PERFECT and work fine. BTW: I see another application that use at least 70% of you code. I parsed both XPI, Just want to let you know: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/230344/
  • Doesn't work, I've changed to the new one, I think it's called Facebook ad block.
  • It works wonderfully, and does not seem to slow Facebook down; in fact I think it speeds it up since it blocks ads from loading. AdBlock Plus alone wouldn't block Facebook ads.
    I hope the author keeps working on this to remove all of Facebook's "suggestions" for friends and groups etc...
    You have my donation.
  • if only it would block twitter too. i hate twitter and facebook they are like a disease that's keeps spreading all over the internet.
  • Insane! Can't someone do this for all websites!!??
  • yes!
  • It's a great addon. Works flawless.
  • Useless now. It used to work - I would have given it 5 stars up until about two or three weeks ago. Now it doesn't work at all. So I'm giving it one star for now, and will happily change my review when they update it to work against whatever work-around Facebook came up with.
  • Awesome! Works Flawlessly for me! :)
    great addon ( jus 7KB )
  • IT STILL WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!111111one1111!!!!!!!!eleventy!!!!!!!!!
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