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  • I forget what it's like to be on the internet and see ads. This is a super add-on.
  • I am thrilled with the adblocker..works perfect. Keeps all adds off so i can enjoy the internet
  • Has worked perfectly!
  • Good
  • Great
  • I've had no problems with this. Works on the latest version of Firefox as of 9-22-2018. I am very happy to have it.
  • Only one i use and handles the ad blocking very well
  • Good
  • great
  • Those ads, banners and pop-ups drive me crazy. This is wonderful! I don't have to scream at my computer any more!
  • Would be nice if this updated more often.
  • Great add-on! Works wonderfully. No BS. 5/5, would block again.
  • When we click on "Adblocker Ultimate", windows open at a certain place on the screen and we can not move them.
    So we can not select the elements that are below these windows to block them.

    It is very poorly designed as a module.
    I will use another one.


    Quand on cliques sur "Adblocker Ultimate", des fenêtres s'ouvrent à un certain endroit de l'écran et on ne peut pas les déplacer.
    Donc on ne peut pas sélectionner les éléments qui se trouvent est dessous ces fenêtres pour les bloquer.

    C'est très mal conçu comme module.
    Je vais donc en utiliser un autre.
  • Ad Blocker does a great job of keeping intrusive and unwanted ads off of my computer. Its efficient, silent and works! What more could you want?
  • Really the best ad blocker I've used. Thanks!
  • Blocks out all ads. All of them. Just really really impressed by this!! Totally recommended to everyone who wants uncluttered peace.
  • Es buena trabaja mejor que todas solo que esta fallando en depositfiles.org te bloquea 15 elementos cuando solo debe bloquear 14 XD
  • Best ad blocker I have tried.
  • отлично
  • Activates filter lists without permission to do so! I use my own DNS server on a Raspberry Pie with pi-hole and a own hosts-file, but this crap reactivates the deactivated and deleted (!) lists after restarting Firefox!
  • Yuh.. Good one.
  • quite good
  • Adblocker ultimate has speeded up my browsing by not having to load annoying ads. I definitely recommend it.
  • it's easy and work's fine...never had any problems..
  • GOOD