AdBlocker Ultimate 2.34

Privacy Policy

Extension Privacy Policy
This part of the Privacy Policy refers to the extension AdBlocker Ultimate.


Browsers usually check for updates of the extensions you have installed and updates them. This is true for AdBlocker Ultimate too. General information is sent when this check runs (browser version, extension version, OS, IP address). The updates for AdBlocker Ultimate for Firefox are managed by the website and are subject to Firefox Privacy Policy. The updates for AdBlocker Ultimate for Chrome are managed by the Google Web Store website and are subject to the Google Privacy Policy. The updates to AdBlocker Ultimate for Opera are managed by the Opera Add-ons website and are subject to the Opera Privacy Policy.


If you add filter subscriptions to your AdBlocker Ultimate installation, the subscription will be required to regularly get updates. Every update results in the hosting website receiving your IP address as well as some general information like your AdBlocker Ultimate version, browser and browser version. This data is subject to the privacy policy of the website in question.

Furthermore, if a subscription download fails on several consecutive occasions, the updated address of the filter list is requested from the ( domain. The data transmitted includes the AdBlocker Ultimate version, subscription address and any information about the error encountered. This data is used to identify issues that have not been reported by subscription maintainers and is subject to the usual privacy policy.


AdBlocker Ultimate stores some data in your browser profile on your computer. AdBlocker Ultimate never transmits this data to any servers. Most of the data (your preferences, filter subscriptions and custom filters) is harmless privacy-wise. However, filter hit statistics and recent issue reports could be used to renovate your browsing history. AdBlocker Ultimate treats this information identically to how history data is treated by the browser: this data isn't stored if you are using Private Browsing mode and is removed if you choose to clear your browsing history.

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