Yet more fools leaving bad reviews today Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Yet more fools today leaving knee-jerk 1 start reviews based on badly written tech articles. I bet almost none of you yabos have donated to adblock so they can continue their work. Their arrangement with Google and others are completely above board. They are entire open about how the product works and how the product is funded. They have to generate revenue somewhere to pay for servers, development, research, etc. Has has been clearly posted on their site and on the firefox page, you can alwsy diable all ads in the preferences. Folks who are complaining should be embarrassed at their own ignorance because they clearly are not reading the info on add-ons before installing them and they are not looking at the very clear options on add-ons either.

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A Great Plugin Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The folks today that have given 1 start reviews are just being plain foolish. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what adblock plus is doing as regards gaining revenue from large companies like google to whitelist their ads. Nothing has changed. You can still block all adds in the preferences. Says so right it the description of the plugin on the Firefox page. And has said so since v2 came out. And if you are installing add-ons without reading up on them to understand how they work and you never look at the options that come with add ons you install. Well then you are just a fool. The damn thing is even GPL v3. Fork it and write your own version if you are that upset about it. But you will soon find it takes considerable time and resources to keep up with the add world. They need some way to pay for all the work they do to make the plugin effective. As the adblock folks them selves have explained:

"Whitelisting is free for all small websites and blogs. However, managing this list requires significant effort on our side and this task cannot be completely taken over by volunteers as it happens with common filter lists. That’s why we are being paid by some larger properties that serve nonintrusive advertisements that want to participate in the Acceptable Ads initiative."

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (